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4th Unboxing – Vintage Toys (Star Wars)

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Unboxing of an AFA graded Star Wars MOC action figure.

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5 Responses to “4th Unboxing – Vintage Toys (Star Wars)”


    I always want to see what else is in the box, COA? Archive number? Paper
    work, letter, pictures if ordered on sub form? Etc

  2. Brad Koski says:

    Those are great pieces!!

  3. Ricks Ageek says:

    yeah we sent an email to AFA and they responded with a detailed answer on
    why an how they grade. I will be doing another video tomorrow and talk
    about what they said.

  4. Ricks Ageek says:

    Yeah I know I said umm too much in this video.

  5. JaseHeadcaseTHX138 says:

    Hey man It might have received a lower grade If there’s cracks on the
    bubble, or tiny dings on the corners of the card. The grader might have had
    a bad day or something and was being way too strict. It’s definitely
    impossible to receive a grade higher then a 90 on vintage Star wars. There
    are however a few 95 in vintage Joes, but a seven 75 with a clear bubble is
    great for the Power of the Force line because must of those figs, and the
    Jedi figs yellowed. Great vid !!!

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