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5000 Subscribers, LEGO, Hot Toys, Vintage Star Wars & More Celebration Competition! | www.flyguy.net

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25 Responses to “5000 Subscribers, LEGO, Hot Toys, Vintage Star Wars & More Celebration Competition! | www.flyguy.net”

  1. thefallen835 says:

    congrats on getting 5000, the channel deserves it

  2. ManelyLion says:

    Have you already reviewed that Jabba’s Palace? It looks so amazing! And
    congratulations on your first 5000 subscribers. You are the best!

  3. FLYGUY says:

    Cheers K!

  4. FLYGUY says:

    Hey Dude, yes we have on our channel, just search on our channel home page.
    Thank you for the kind words!

  5. FLYGUY says:

    Blank cheque is in the mail buddy! ; )

  6. starwarsfantommy says:

    Huge congratz on hitting 5000 subs!! Woow what a great number! Great
    channel that deserves so much subs!

  7. FLYGUY says:

    Cheers AA!

  8. redleader antillies says:

    congrats man

  9. LaughItupFuzzball70 says:

    First a Huge Congratulations on Achieving such a Landmark! Not easily
    achieved much respect for that. Some Fantastic prizes, I’ll feature the vid
    on my FB Page. Cheers Fuzz.

  10. FLYGUY says:

    Cheers D!

  11. Timonator97 says:

    Great work and congrats on 5000 subs keep up the great work and may the
    force be with you

  12. FLYGUY says:

    Details in the next 24 hours coming to your inbox if subscribed!

  13. FLYGUY says:

    Liam is correct Glasgow Scotland a long time ago.

  14. FLYGUY says:

    Thanks red leader : )

  15. dragonmasterpokemon says:

    Good job

  16. CommanderFordo says:

    Congrats Fly! Your review are always entertaining to watch keep them coming
    and keep it natural. Cheers, C.Fordo

  17. FLYGUY says:

    All about them and you!

  18. Jedideathpunch says:

    keep on with new vids!!1

  19. FLYGUY says:

    Yep on our channel quote some time ago just type ‘lego jabba’ or google
    ‘flyguy.net lego jabba’

  20. FLYGUY says:

    ta dude!

  21. Sithicus1 says:

    Brilliant, sheer brilliant. I agree with what others have said your reviews
    for figures and such are some of the best out there, definitely deserve
    5000 subs. Glad I subed last year to start watching all of these great
    reviews. Looking forward to more great reviews in the new year, hopefully
    Hasbro doesn’t dissapoint with their quality on the figures this go round.

  22. FLYGUY says:

    Cheers, could be yours : )

  23. FLYGUY says:

    Cheers Buddy, very kind of ya! Appreciate your time leaving a comment.

  24. CommanderJet56 says:

    Congrats. and amazing prizes.

  25. FLYGUY says:

    Hah! cheers B!

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