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A Star Wars Fan Finds Love With Online Dating

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A Star Wars Fan Finds Love With Online Dating

Mature dating has not been something that describes my friend Carl’s love life. To say he loved Star Wars is an understatement. Many of the women he dated were turned off to the idea of being his girlfriend because of his obsession and all the memorabilia he stored in his house.

He always knew that his love of Star Wars made him look immature, but really, he was a healthy, mature adult. He had a job, paid his bills and was responsible. He just really loved Star Wars. 

Unfortunately, the women he dated did not share his appreciation. Most mature dating women do not view Star Wars as something a grown up should be into. He thought they just did not get him nor did they accept him for who he was.

Carl just couldn’t let it affect him, and he decided that he wanted to be himself, not what someone else thought he should be. So, he decided to try online dating soon after his last attempt at dating failed miserably.

He inputted the information and made sure to post in his profile how much he loved Star Wars. He never dreamed it would work. He met Shannon a month later. She was perfect for him. She loves Star Wars as much as  he does! I never thought that Carl would meet someone who loves it as much as he does.

They even laugh about the past dates they have been on that have ended because other people just did not understand their love of Star Wars. She even has memorabilia in her place! A more perfect match could not be made. They have been dating for a little over two years, and he asked her to marry him last week. She said yes, and he had to tell as many people as he could to try online dating.

I am not saying that you will meet someone who is perfect, but you will meet the person that is perfect for you. Shannon and Carl are living proof that there is someone out there for everyone.

If this reaches anyone who might be thinking about trying online dating, but still has not gotten the courage to do so, please try it. You will not regret the decision. As Yoda would say, “the force will be with you”.

Lizzy B is an experienced writer on relationships and the dating industry. She has been writing for quite a while and has had countless articles published. Some of Lizzy’s most favorite topics to write on include single professionals over 30, mature professional singles, relationships, and matchmaking services like, http://www.maturesinglesonly.com. Lizzy’s articles are well written and memorable. They are especially great for anyone looking to start dating and still keep up with their daily activities.

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