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25 Responses to “ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS TOYS! AT-AT Attack Battle Game + BONUS: Vintage AT-AT Review”

  1. XD hola soy XD says:

    Ests bien nadamas no ables como pinche consentido

  2. Matthew Dufour says:

    Almost a million subs wow be proud

  3. Joshua Meyer says:

    spoof !

  4. leanne morrey says:

    I like that they made a seen with his dad in 1980 but YouTube only came out
    in 2005 but nice ad Evan you rock I’ve been watching you for 2 years now 

  5. Commando Faunter says:

    kid it not an at at is pronounced a,t,a,t

  6. arben vidhaj says:

    evan tube angry birds star wars

  7. graeme dodd says:

    i dislike people who dislike star wars. star wars FOR THE WIN!!

  8. Sharon Potts says:
  9. The Redness2 says:

    gggggghhhhh i am 7

  10. Minh Ng says:


  11. Tami Carr says:


  12. Mariana Ovalle says:

    I I like you video

  13. Roland Amodo says:

    That is even with the at – at action figures

  14. mariohadiwinata says:

    In that 1980 thing

  15. Alisher Sattarhanov says:

    your just kiding thats not your dad it is you

  16. Connor Reynolds says:

    I was in love with Star Wars since I was three, it’s my favorite PG-13
    movie saga. I watch it almost every night! Hurray for the people that love
    Star Wars!!! Even my neighbor, Ray Cook, loves Star Wars!!!

    Connor Reynolds

  17. J Wickliffe says:

    Woo hoo

  18. Noriah Land says:

    imma correct you red:red blue:the blues yellow:chuck black:boom

  19. Ricky Korte says:


  20. King Boo says:

    Hey that’s you!

  21. Kien Huynh says:

    Some girl told me to tell you that she wants to marry you

  22. jil esturco says:


  23. Roland Amodo says:

    That is even with the at – at action figures

  24. jonathan oreo says:

    I have the Star Wars scene maker

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