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Children look at toys and decorations, and adults buy gifts on Christmas eve in v…HD Stock Footage

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Nostalgia! A lot of people have asked me to show the vintage toys I have collected over the years because they are often displayed in the background of my vi…

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26 Responses to “Children look at toys and decorations, and adults buy gifts on Christmas eve in v…HD Stock Footage”

  1. CriticalPast says:
  2. vampiressofshaddows says:

    Don’t say going on 30! :(
    I had a lot of those toys growing up….*sniffle* I’m only 23, don’t make
    me feel older T__T

  3. Ruby G says:

    animal crossing new leaf music :3

  4. lambarini says:

    i used to always want a care bear cousin. i remember the song from the
    movie “forest of feelings care allot”

  5. Gaming Goddess says:

    Ooh I rembere the 90s MLP. My sis and I would play with them in a magical
    mlp castle we had.

    It was super kawaii~

    Gaming Goddess

  6. Pixie Blossom says:

    Very nice collection!! A lot of stuff Iv never even heard of. Im curious
    what you think of the new G4 My Little Pony toys?

  7. Holly Schmitzer says:

    I had that book polly pocket!! 

  8. Erin Miller says:

    WOW Rainbow bright was in the 80s? I wasn’t even born in the 90s and I
    watched it all through out my early childhood 

  9. therealhardrock says:

    You sound Gaelic, are you Irish or Scottish?

  10. Katie Walsh says:

    OMG are peachie from DA (devaintart) I love your dressups, dolls, playsets
    and art my user is pink-the-hdgehog

  11. Peter Martin says:

    Mcdonalds.made.cute care bears in 2001

  12. sasha boleyn says:

    aww so cute

  13. Jessica Hall says:

    I adore the older toys also when I was little I got allot of hand me down
    toys from my mums friend whose daughters were significantly older than me
    so allot of them things are the kinds of toys I had even though they were
    alittle out of my generation. ^.^ I adore G1 and G2 ponies but my favourite
    pony of all is Lemondrop she has pride of place next to my alarm clock were
    as the rest of my ponies sit around my TV i have like 50 original polly
    pocket lockets but well not sure were to put them i hope to make room for
    all my vintage treasure as I’m redecorating my room ^.^’ after all cute
    things should all be on display ^..^” rather than stuffed up in boxes 

  14. SunnysRoyalSkipper says:

    This video makes me insanely happy! It is great to see loads of the toys I
    used to play with, from Care Bears to Polly Pockets. I literally had some
    of the same exact toys as you. I had the snail Keyper, the starry Nosy
    Bear, the Fairy Tail bird AND Lickety Split and her baby! I <3 this video.
    My only complaint…most people born in the 80s aren’t in their 30s :P I’m
    still in my 20s, by gosh, and I’m clinging to the last few years I can
    claim that! ;) But, since you made this wonderfully nostalgic video, I’ll
    forgive you for making us 80s kids seem so old . :) <3

  15. candy floss kitty says:

    Those Polly pockets are adorable any idea where I can get the mermaids
    world one it’s just too cute not to want ! :3

  16. SubaruMorton says:

    I just remember Polly Pocket mini houses like yours and I felt like I was a
    child again!!! they were co cute, I really loved them! I almost forgot that
    toys exist! <3

  17. GalladofBales says:

    I had the 90′s my little ponies! And polly pockets too! I had one of the
    book ones it was awesomse. I also had the early 2000′s my little ponies
    and polly pockets, but the older ones were better!

  18. darkmaven1976 says:

    I love lady lovely locks

  19. ZombieAmi says:

    OMG im a 90 baby and I loved my Sky dancer and have you heard of

  20. Kawaii Pinktori says:

    Polly Pockets though omg!!!

  21. NotThisGuyAgain GabrielLelievre says:

    what are you? a lifesize polly pocket

  22. xJamocax says:

    You need a popple

  23. greatangelemily says:

    I passed on all my original polly pocket and old my little ponys a while
    ago and i really regret it now :/

  24. Arietta Wild says:

    Oh, I love Plooy Pocket too ^^!!

  25. Madi Dice says:

    I had so many Care Bears it was crazy! I loved them so much and I thought
    they were super cute! I got a huge pink one for my birthday. Gosh I forget
    what she was called..

  26. Harumi thepony says:

    Hi i was curious where you got your brush-a-love? I’ve been looking
    everywhere for one >.<

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