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Consignment, Yard Sale, Thrift HAUL {clothes, toys, Vintage}

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Consignment, Yard Sale, Thrift HAUL {clothes, toys, Vintage}

Azilee and I went shopping this past weekend and found numerous wonderful deals. We got some great vintage toys and several new items. Http://www.facebook.co…
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36 Responses to “Consignment, Yard Sale, Thrift HAUL {clothes, toys, Vintage}”

  1. Christina SubfertileFrugalista says:

    The camper is so cute!! I actually love the old navy dress pattern! I can’t
    believe the deals you got!

  2. crowenessa says:

    I had the same kitchen too, except mine was red 🙂 Great Finds!!

  3. JSSmith4273 says:

    Awesome deals. 

  4. wtb61 says:

    You could over dye that dress with the fabric you dislike.

  5. TheMommaLibrarian says:

    Great deals!

  6. Lindsey Thomason says:

    AWESOME finds. I love vintage stuff!

  7. Lilysmom says:

    If you are worried about the swimsuit you could just change out the white
    fabric piece in the private area.

  8. Alicia Littlemore says:

    I had that kitchen too! Great haul. 

  9. lilhomeschoolmama says:

    Wow. You did well! I love the vintage puzzles. I can’t wait to see your
    Vlogs on Wilderness of the Smokies. that is on my list of vacation spots to
    visit especially since it has a large indoor water park.

  10. BaileyandPypersmom says:

    The Richard scarry book brought back so many child hood memories! 

  11. Alidoodles says:

    How cute is that froggy dress! I wonder if we have any thrift events like
    that which support certain causes.

  12. ResilientBeauty BlessedMomOfMany says:

    Wow awesome finds!
    I’ve liked and Subscribed to you!

  13. FLYGUY says:

    Unsure about Ewok’s? Check out a review for this blaster wielding furball
    and see if one for your collection http://youtu.be/4WxU3ctdW_4

  14. Dorksidetoys says:

    Unsure about Ewok’s? Check out a review for this blaster wielding furball
    and see if one for your collection http://youtu.be/4WxU3ctdW_4

  15. justinnosuke says:

    this is cool!!!

  16. FLYGUY says:

    Hah, that they are!

  17. collector1970 says:

    GREAT figure and a GREAT review!

  18. nightfall2318 says:

    awesome bro x] do you have any spare clone wars codes?

  19. TryHardNot says:

    fucking gay ass toys

  20. FLYGUY says:

    Congratulations! You have won the lame ass comment of the month award!!
    We’d like to reward the hours of intricate time you took to spend on our
    channel, away from your 7 subscribers, and for watching our ads and reviews
    and the gracing us with your deep homophobic insights. We are also very
    proud that you have decided to come out of the closet! Because clearly you
    playing MW2, MW3, CoD4, and BO2 is much more macho. Thanks!

  21. Mark Demeo says:

    i do love my SW teddy bears,i need to find that battle pack.

  22. FLYGUY says:

    But hard to get them!

  23. TryHardNot says:

    Im not sure your aware of the fact that you are collecting FUCKING TOYS. I
    never said playing Call of Duty made me macho but I’m pretty sure that its
    at least a little bit more mature to play with guns, grenades, and strategy
    rather than going to TOYS R US AND BUYING A FUCKING TOY.

  24. FLYGUY says:

    Do love the little buggers!

  25. collector1970 says:

    YUB NUB!

  26. Guernicaman says:

    Already bought the Ewok Batle Pack in store, but I’m still dbating whether
    or not to by a loose figure. $10 bucks PLUS is a bit expensive for such a
    small figure.

  27. FLYGUY says:


  28. TheBudgetJedi says:

    fantastic review man! I’m gonna try to fit this guy on my new speeder bike
    from TRU now! lol!

  29. FLYGUY says:

    Nice! lucky man!

  30. FLYGUY says:

    You can holler IN CAPITALS ALL YOU WANT, just makes you look thick dude. I
    am loving how you are the oracle of all maturity and sexuality (who plays
    with virtual guns and grenades on a ‘playstaytion’) has elevated you to
    chief spokesperson, to shout at strangers, and decree the global $100bilion
    toy industry ‘gay’. Deep man… deep. Look, you have issues clearly, and
    are likley in the closet yourself, so dont be ashamed, we dont care what
    you are. Thanks for adding to our views!

  31. FLYGUY says:


  32. James Rhett Kennedy says:

    For all its issues, Hasbro does a great job on their Ewok figures.

  33. John Dorian says:

    An army if Ewoks would be so cool!

  34. FLYGUY says:


  35. boshek71 says:

    Thats one well tooled up Ewok lol,defo looks ready to rumble-top review
    mate,must get all these new ewok packs sometime!

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