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Image by Thwip! (Formerly Macwagen)
I have a special place in my heart for the AMC Pacer. I almost bought one. I was in the hunt for a Volkswagen Beetle and one of my co-workers asked if I liked all ugly old cars, and I said "Yea, pretty much" and she led me to the parking lot. There, I found her Pacer, a red and white two-toned beauty that had really low miles. It was in fantastic shape. She was asking a grand for it, and I would have bought it, but I was determined to get myself a beetle.

As some of you know, I did end up with a Beetle shortly thereafter, but if I could have afforded both, I woulda had one hell of a sweet Pacer in my driveway right now.

New Skipper Lot from that evil place
buy vintage toys
Image by Tinker*Tailor loves Lalka
Newly cleaned and redressed: "Horse Loving Skipper" (1983) is wearing an outfit that came with this lot. I assume it’s complete and looks minty. "Baggie" aka "Pose N Play" Skipper (1975) is wearing the dress from #1962 "Quick Changes." She no longer has her hair ribbons, and her arms don’t hold poses at the elbows. "New Living Skipper" (1970) also is missing her hair ribbons and doesn’t hold poses at the elbows. She’s wearing a vintage top (#1907 "School Days") and a jumper-dress that I assume is Best Buy that came in a lot of Barbie Best Buy stuff.

"Malibu" Skipper (1971) was minty and I’m so sorry I combed through her hair as it had never been combed before and now she has a few fly-aways. She still had on her original swim bottoms but no top. The dress is something I got from an earlier case lot. It’s #7771 Best Buy (1974). "Great Shape" Skipper from 1984 was the worst of this lot. She had hair that was in the original set and uncombed, but she smelled of something that I assume was cigarette smoke, which explains her darkened face. I washed her hair and threw her dress away, replacing it with the original outfit dress for #9926 "Partytime Skipper" – Europe (1976-79). She’s much improved, without her smelly dress and stinky hair, but it killed me to take down that original ponytail topknot and bands. Should have taken a before photo of the first skipper (1964). This redhead’s hair looked really awful – super frizzy – when this lot arrived. I worked with it until it looks very nice. The bangs are still a little crispy, though.

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