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Coolest Toys at Toy Fair 2011

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Coolest Toys at Toy Fair 2011

While most people are enjoying the holiday season, the toy businesses are already making plans for their new year ahead. Hence, Toy Fair, the annual biggest trade fair in the industry taken place in January, always gets cry of attention from the whole public. In the toy, game and hobby exhibition in the U.K, exhibitors hope that their products will be bought by whilst parents who are looking for the most creative and practical toys for their kids.


Toy Fair 2011 held from 24th to 26th January is already hitting the Olympia exhibition centre in London with newest toys and gadgets with approximately 190 manufactures of all sizes. Let have a look at the coolest toys of this year’s Toy Fair.


Angry Birds Plush Toy

If you are addicted to Angry Birds, the newer and angrier plush toys will be your next choice for this holiday season. The suggested retail price is $ 59.99.


Digi-Piggy, Cisco Sales Corp.

Digi-Piggy looks like a traditional piggy bank which keeps a running total of the coins and money you saved thanks to an innovative digital readout. The product costs $ 14.99.


iPhone Telescope, Thumbs Up

The add-on telescope for the Apple iPhone is available in Toy Fair at the price $ 39.99.


Magna Color Tablet

The Magna Color tablet enables your kids to color in 3D. The product will hit the market in 2012.


Baby iCan Play iPhone case, Fisher-Price

The new toy from Fisher-Price, Baby iCan Play iPhone case, can protect iPhones of parents when leaving them with baby. The product is appraised at $ 14.99


Inchworm robot by Hexbug

The Hexbug Inchworm is perfect toy for any little boys. The combination of insects and robots has a seven-way steering system.


Kid Tough See Yourself Camera, Fisher-Price

Fisher Price’s new Kid Tough See Yourself Camera can allow you to teach your little obabies about photography. With the cost of $ 69.99, your little ones can shoot anything with a 180 degree lens.


Plants vs. Zombies Board Game, Screenlife Games

The board game Screenlife Games of Plants Vs. Zombies is appraised at $ 19.99



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