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Current Transformers

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Current Transformers

Current Transformers are used in electrical engineering and they are used to measure electric currents. They are also called instrument transformers. When the current of a circuit is too high, they will produce a current proportional to the current in a circuit, and this can be connected to recording and measuring instruments.

These transformers can also isolate the measuring instruments from a very high voltage in the primary circuit. More common uses for these transformers are metering and protective relays in the electrical power industry. Like other transformers, they have a primary winding, a magnetic core and a secondary winding.

The primary functions of current transformers are to ensure primary and secondary circuits are coupled, so that the secondary current has an accurate relationship with the primary circuit.

Other electrical transformers can include;

• Power transformers
• Control transformers
• Dry type transformers
• High voltage transformers
• Three phase transformers
• Step down transformers

There are numerous applications for current transformers. Some devices are used in street lighting; others are used to measure current in electronic equipment or motors. Current transformers which have small footprints are mounted on printed circuit boards, and these are used to sense current overloads.
Larger devices are employed in many three-phase systems to measure voltage or current, and commercial transformers are used to measure low power currents. Some transformers are weatherproof and are rated for outdoor use.

There are two basic types of current transformers:

• Wound
• Toroidal

Wound transformers consist of an integral primary winding which is inserted in series with the conductor that carries the measured current.

Toroidal current transformers do not have a primary winding, instead, the wire that carries the current is threaded through a window in the Toroidal transformer.

A current transformer is a type of instrument transformer which has been designed to provide a current in its secondary which is proportional to the current flowing in its primary.

Toroid is the proper name for the shape of most transformers.

A toroid is a solid ring with hollow center.

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