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Facebook fan page for Star Wars

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Facebook fan page for Star Wars

Facebook fan page for Star Wars

Building business on social network has become the need of the hour. If you want to reach your target audience and create a niche for your brand online, you should be promoting your line of clothing, products or anything over the web. And at present, Facebook, the networking giant, is the place where most businesses are advertising about their brand and products with through Facebook fan page.

A facebook page allows you to promote your business/products over the web. With a facebook fan page, facebook users are able to directly connect with the companies they love. Currently, all big names in the industry have a facebook fan page to interact with their customers.

This setting serves a dual purpose. Facebook news feed keeps the users abreast of the latest happenings and offers of the companies, while the companies get a word-of-mouth; there is also a definite spread of their online presence.

The latest news that is doing the rounds is regarding Lucasfilm Limited, a production company that was launched by George Lucas in 1971. This company is latest to join Facebook page bandwagon. The company is famous for delivering massive hits like Star Wars, Indiana Jones and sequels to these box-office blockbusters.

Lucasfilm has recently launched their official Facebook page dedicated to Star Wars saga. Rumors are that the company is thinking about re-releasing the Star Wars series in 3D. In its foremost post, Lucasfilm had invited its fans to look out for recent developments regarding Star Wars. The page will be updated every now and then for latest news, events and much more for its fans.

Just a few days back, the company disclosed the news about releasing the complete saga of Star Wars in a Blu-Ray box set.

Lucasfilm said that they will be posting more info regarding this release on the facebook fan page.

The fan page already boasts of 4,009,639 fans. So if you are an avid fan of Star Wars movies, you can become a fan by simply logging into your facebook account and search for Star Wars.

Keep yourself updated with the latest buzz regarding your favorite Star Wars saga. And yes, if you have a business that can reap profit then follow the biggies of business and launch a Facebook fan pages.


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