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Facts About the Transformers 2 Character Scorponok

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Facts About the Transformers 2 Character Scorponok

All we are going to see in the next month i.e. June 2009 will be the movie which is expected and anticipated to stand at the top on the movie charts for several months just like its sequel movie Transformers. Yes, I am talking about Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen. The Transformers grossed $ 320 million alone in America when it was released in 2007, and this time expectations are even higher for its sequel.

It is a science fiction movie and has been filmed on $ 200 million budget which is $ 50 million more than the previous movie. It is all about the war between two creatures, Autobots and Decepticons.

In Transformers universes, Scorponok is the name collectively given to various fictional characters. In this movie, it is very different both in sizes and personalities. Scorponok’s nature is usually related to devastation and the root of depression with his lethal intention of inflicting grief and suffering to all that comes his way. Scorponok is the chief of the Decepticon Headmasters.

Scorponok can have three different modes. He can become a giant scorpion which is his basic mode. He has huge claws by which he can crush anything which gets in his way. He has characteristic of firing deadly electric blasts with his tail and can thus leave everything and anything lifeless. His other two modes are also very interesting and have many weaponry features. As a base mode, he can transform himself into a dual gunned robot.

Scorponok was firstly introduced in the US Marvel Comics in which he had many opponents. In the series, Scorponok was the leader of Decepticons. He was called by Lord Zarak, a corrupt politician to Nebulos planet to get rid of Fortress Maximus and all Autobots in the planet. Zarak was wicked dictator whose prime purpose was to rule the population of the planet and put them under slavery and repression.

Zarak devised a plan to send Autobots and Decepticons to earth to progress their battle, and thus save Nebulos from any harm and destruction. This is where transformers traveled to historical earth to fight this battle.

In the next series, you would again see the historic rivalry between two groups. In the third series, Scorponok had a meeting under the leadership of Ratbat. Scorponok became successful against Ratbat in the battle, and thus became more powerful by having great number of earthbound Decepticons.

Optimus Prime surrenders before the battle with Unicron at the end of the series, and Scorponok wins. This battle is the last appearance of Scorponok in the US comics, although you could see more of him in the UK version. In the best possible future, he battled amid Megatron and Shockwave so that he could place the crown of Decopticon’s leadership on his head, but unfortunately he was slowly defeated. Hot Rod is the one to whom Scorponok surrendered. The battle was against Decepticons and Scorponok, and he in the end escaped from their clutch. There is no other data which you could see about Scorponok in the Marvel Comics.

Don’t miss this transformer in the new transformers movie at your local Odeon cinema from 19th June 2009.

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