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G1 vintage Transformers in: Transformer Gump trailer

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Here’s a silly little fake trailer mashup I put together featuring some of my vintage G1 Transformer toys. Transformers and Forrest Gump? It made sense to me…


These Happy Meal toys appear to be inspired by Transformers. By the way, Grimace doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, does he?
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28 Responses to “G1 vintage Transformers in: Transformer Gump trailer”

  1. Mark Headley says:


  2. Jad Bean says:

    Cheers, glad you liked it!

  3. Jigger says:

    Wow…. This brings me back to the early 90’s, when McDonalds used to the
    really bad stuff, that was really unhealthy, but tasted amazing! (McDonalds
    today is bloody shit kids)…. 

  4. thegamemaster5500 says:

    More than eats the eyes

  5. Retrontario says:

    LOL this is awesome

  6. Johnathan Lovejoy says:

    i have the hamburger guy

  7. giovanni carranza says:

    They did come in a regular happy meal.. I remember those.

  8. Kam Zeng says:

    Oh my god, those are the only McDonald toys I wanted to collect!!!

  9. Nik Neuy says:

    i had the french fries, very solid piece of toys

  10. khaimk4r4su says:

    i ordered some at ebay. that’s some vintage toys, let me tell you. i think
    i got some of the first batch and the second. i never like the dino ones

  11. damarul says:

    Michael Bay should remake this

  12. hains82 says:

    They only released 4 robots in the UK.

  13. Richard Lewis says:

    Among my favourite toys as a lad.

  14. Kenny Edmonds says:

    I used to have the double burger and fries

  15. ashari asan says:

    creppy but cool

  16. Marshal Jim Duncan says:

    Oh Grimace, your such a ham

  17. depletable says:

    Oh shit, I remember these. lol — totally forgot about’em.

  18. spauk2010 says:

    YEAAY fat kids

  19. Musicradio77Network says:

    I remember those Happy Meal commercials. French fries and soft drinks are
    replaced with fruits and a choice of milk or juices are just plain stupid.
    As for Ronald McDonald, “Ran Ran Ru!”

  20. Alan Brody says:

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    Brooklyn, NY Come enter our museum it’s FREE – ASPCA Ambassadors – Making
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  21. godofzombi says:

    I have the big mac, big fries, mcnuggets, small fries, and a softdrink (but
    mine transforms diffrently and is taller.) Does anyone remember if they
    came in a regular happy meal box? Because i got mine in Belgium and it came
    with a (dark blue) plastic spaceship/tray with a (clear plastic) dome.

  22. BoredInfidel says:

    I can’t believe i forgot about these!

  23. j Camino says:

    i still have the hamburger and my uncle has the rest i remember them

  24. REDKLOK says:

    I wish i still had those

  25. ravegods says:

    I had these as a kid and then I got them again off of ebay

  26. andros1984 says:

    Oh my word, was Grimace hit in the head with a shovel?

  27. losingzoe says:

    had these wish i still did, house burned down in 91, had all gi joes, star
    wars, transformers, ghostbuster etc etc, all lost because my mom doesnt
    know how to cook toast and burned the house down LOL

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