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Guinea Pig Toys

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Guinea Pig Toys

Guinea Pig Toys – Make Them or Buy Them, and they will benefit from them. Guinea pig toys are an excellent way to prevent your cavy from becoming bored and also to keep them active.  The exercise they receive while playing with their toys is very good for them. Variety is the spice in your pets life!

Which Type of Toys Are Best?

The toys that make your pet the happiest are simple thing from around your house. What your guinea pig will like most will involve something that he could explore or something he could chew on.  Anything that would involve fun for the little cavy is what he would enjoy the most.

It’s good for your guinea pig to chew and he loves doing it.  A guinea pigs teeth never completely stop the growing process and it’s good for them to chew to help keep the growth in control.  Things such as plain cardboard items like boxes and tubes work best. You might provide your guinea pig with something as simple as a toilet paper roll (empty of course) or a paper towel roll.  These they can chew on and if they are small enough climb into and play.  

You might even find a fairly small cardboard box and cut a couple of pretend doors on the sides.  This will provide them with something to chew on as well as hide in.  Guinea pigs love places to hide.  As well a plain brown paper bag works well too.

Tunnels are another toy that guinea pigs adore.  These can be made from PVC pipe and some fittings.  Make them in all sorts of different shapes and this provides them many ways in which to explore.  You might even consider making some ramps at the different levels and then you’ll have a regular little jungle gym for your pet.  It’s also a good idea to move their toys around from time to time as they enjoy hunting around for them.  

Toys are also another way for your pet to keep his nails worn down so you don’t have to trim them as often.  If you place a small brick around this will provide them with a new toy to climb onto as well as help the nails.  

When taking your guinea pig out for some out of the cage time it’s also a good idea to incorporate exercise and fun into this.  Making sure they are in a confined area with lots of their favorite toys and then sit back and watch them have a great time playing.  It’s a very good idea to give your guinea pig as much out of the cage time as you can provide him.  Also if this can be done at the same regular time each day would be best as well, as they enjoy routine.  

To raise a happy, healthy little cavy make sure they receive plenty of exercise, fun and time with you to interact.  Just take time to think about ways of providing entertainment for them and keep in mind you don’t have to spend a lot of money on guinea pigs toys.

Jodi Adams is an Author and guinea pig enthusiast that enjoys sharing her knowledge. To learn more about about guinea pigs, come to the website, http://www.Guinea-Pig-Pets.com/guinea-pig-toys and sign up for the newsletter and see you soon!

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