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Kurt Russell with Agent Zero M Sonic Blaster: Vintage Toys

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20 Responses to “Kurt Russell with Agent Zero M Sonic Blaster: Vintage Toys”

  1. goog le says:

    One Cannon talking about another.

  2. Greg Schell says:

    William Conrad…. Frank Cannon

  3. Angelo De La Chevalier says:

    i already see someone putting there potatoes :D

  4. Angelo De La Chevalier says:

    god damit we need this!!! :)

  5. Im A Drummer says:

    thank you smosh :3

  6. Painindeass1million says:

    You know, if this had been actual spy-tech, Jay Leno could’ve gotten thirty
    years in a Federal pen for showing this on THE TONIGHT SHOW (that time Kurt
    Russell was a guest). Lol!

  7. EZAttack Z says:

    One of my favorite toys of all time! Spent HOURS blowing up the
    neighborhood with this. Thanks for the memories!

  8. Allen Pinney says:

    Agent Zero M

  9. Mark B says:

    They were cool.

  10. Houdini774 says:

    Each time he fired that thing I kept feeling like cheering “Snake! Snake!

  11. Teacher Dude says:

    Kurt Russell started preparation for Escape From New York much earlier than
    most people realise. LOL.

  12. FrustratedWhiteMale says:

    Holy crap I bought one of these at a garage sale years ago as a prop in a
    homemade camcorder piece of crap action flick with friends. I had no idea
    it was this old.

  13. Raven Nevermore says:

    I had one of these when I was a kid! Sounds like William Conrad narrating.

  14. Painindeass1million says:

    I remember Jay Leno digging this up for the Tonight Show when Kurt Russell
    was plugging his then-latest movie. The voice-over is of course done by the
    late, great Wm Conrad.

  15. TheBigmatt1992 says:

    Good find at a garage sale tere worth some money

  16. gajda1984 says:

    Kurt Russell hasn’t changed a bit, still looks the same!

  17. toasterslinger says:

    Kurt Russell!!

  18. 4321eyeseeyou says:

    Too Cool! I think this was the one toy that all kids wanted(and still do),
    should have just been designed with a muffle on the side of the scope. PC
    standards do not apply.

  19. YoungAF1 says:

    Kurt Russell was born awesome

  20. IMCcanTWEESTED says:

    You tell ’em I’m coming… and HELL’s coming with me, you hear? Hell’s
    comin’ with me!

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