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Make Learning Fun With Fisher Price Toys!

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Make Learning Fun With Fisher Price Toys!

I had always dreaded even the thought of getting old. But, now when I am a grandmother, I would assuredly say there is nothing like being one. It’s just wonderful being with adorable grandkids! For me the best time of the year is when my son and his family come down to visit me. Every time they visit me I make it a point to buy innovative and learning toys for my grandchildren, which would keep them occupied.

BIGshop has always been my favourite place to buy toys online. I especially feel that Fisher Price toys at BIGshop are quite different. The idea of getting learning toys for my grandkids appeal to me as I feel that the best way to make kids learn is through fun yet learning toys.

For my little angel I ordered the Fisher Price Dora Pony Adventures 1026 Dora & Rosebud, which included Dora, Rosebud, a comb and a pathway and the Fisher Price Snap N Style Pets Poodle Puppy: Cheri, with snap-on clothes and soft hair. She absolutely adored the toys and would come up to me and ask me to help her groom her pony’s mane and tail.

And for my baby grandson I got the Winnie the Pooh Float n Play, which consisted of fun water-play pieces including a squirter, scooper and a water-strainer and the Fisher Price Amazing Animals Tubtime Tugboat with a floating board and adorable floating friends. Now my daughter-in-law doesn’t have to struggle to get him to the bathtub. He just giggles to glory seeing all the adorable animals.

When they finally left, all of them could just not stop raving about the amazing toys I had got for them. What more could I ask for? I was so glad to see their reaction that now whenever I feel like getting them something, I just shop for Fischer Price toys from BIGshop as they are easy to purchase, good as learning toys for kids and easy on the pocket too!

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