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Mega Yard Sale Haul! (Vintage Toys, Star Wars, Atari, Tonka)

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My awesome yard sale finds for June 1, 2013.

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34 Responses to “Mega Yard Sale Haul! (Vintage Toys, Star Wars, Atari, Tonka)”

  1. Aliceops says:

    My word! What incredible finds! You must be so busy- but i hope you come
    back soon for a short video!

  2. SouthernPicker94 says:

    Nice Finds! Please check out my yard sale haul videos. New videos up every
    week with great finds. Antiques, Collectibles, Video Games, Tools, etc.. 

  3. sparky combs says:

    Great haul, Star Trek model will due great and of course the Star Wars toys
    are gonna make you a lot of money. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Uncleiceyman says:

    Awesome score rev

  5. TheRev30 says:

    Thanks! I am hoping to get a lot of it listed today and the rest of this
    week. Can’t wait to see my profits! TFW!

  6. TheResaleGrind says:

    We are getting a storage unit soon. Want to have it filled with inventory
    by the end of the summer. 😉

  7. TheRev30 says:

    Thank you! I’m really excited about it.

  8. Kalifornia Picker says:

    Awesome….great haul!

  9. Corie Stern says:

    How exciting is that and a big congratulations!!!

  10. TheRev30 says:

    Thanks! Keep getting out there, sometimes you hit a great score when you
    least expect it. Here’s to hoping you hit a BIG one soon! TFW!

  11. TheRev30 says:

    Thanks, I’m thrilled with this week’s picks!

  12. TheRev30 says:

    Thanks! Luckily, we’ve had pretty great weather on the weekends, so the
    season is in full swing! Hopefully you’ll see some sunshine soon! TFW!

  13. TheRev30 says:

    Thanks Paul, I’m so far behind, it seems like I’d never sell it all if I
    stopped buying anything!

  14. AmyLizTN says:

    Wow. This is one of the most awesome hauls I’ve seen in a while! It’s
    rained almost every weekend around here since yard sale season started.
    Can’t wait to really jump in already!

  15. TheRev30 says:

    I wish the model’s box was in a little better shape, but for what I paid
    for it, I really can’t lose. Thanks for watching!

  16. rsclafa says:

    What a great haul outstanding finds thumbs up!

  17. Tom The English Picker says:

    Great finds. What’s the beeping in the background ?

  18. TheRev30 says:

    Thanks! I’ll have to check you out! TFW!

  19. Cj Clouse says:

    Sweet toys

  20. TheRev30 says:

    Ha! Didn’t know if anyone else heard that or if it was just me. There was a
    dump truck on the street behind me, and they left their door open while
    they loaded the truck. Thanks for watching!

  21. TheRev30 says:

    Yes!! That’s what gets me up every Saturday morning! TFW!

  22. Relic Retriever says:

    Great finds! We love toys over at the Relic Retriever!

  23. rjbunch71 says:

    hey man great finds, ill buy the cobra mustang model message me please,

  24. TheResaleGrind says:

    Great finds! Fill that unit up!

  25. KARMA 2 BURNSIDE says:

    Haven’t found anything near me in VA at yard sales anything like that.
    Congrats fortunate one

  26. rrrrmagic says:

    lol love my toys!!!!!

  27. rrrrmagic says:

    thank you my friend have a good day

  28. rrrrmagic says:

    your right my friend and thank you

  29. rrrrmagic says:

    lol love my toys!!!!!! thank you

  30. jaye anderson says:

    hey rrrrmagic that roller that you have the steam roller i have the same
    one but i dont no where it is

  31. ariels36 says:

    My favorite toy as a child was the dozer you have next to the mixer. All
    metal not like today’s Tonkas.

  32. bigalstonkatoys says:

    Nice! I really dig that old twin boom tow truck tho…

  33. rrrrmagic says:

    @mbxcc thank you and have a good day

  34. rrrrmagic says:


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