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New RARE Graded Star Wars at Dallas Vintage Toys

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We got in some very RARE graded vintage star wars figures here at Dallas Vintage Toys! Check us out online at

GEEK WEEK ON YOUTUBE – Vintage Classic Toys I even bought a comic book…. lol.
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10 Responses to “New RARE Graded Star Wars at Dallas Vintage Toys”

  1. Solo Gals says:

    I hate this guy…. I am so jelous of his collection. This guy is awesome.

  2. ben489vid says:

    Are you on ebay

  3. Dallasvintagetoys says:

    Yes we are one eBay: dallasvintagetoys

  4. clayton haynes says:

    Wow. Great collection

  5. Cj Clouse says:

    Great vinyl cape jawa worth $3000

  6. jjohnsonokla says:

    I bought some loose Super Powers figures from your store a few months back.
    Top notch customer service! I’ll be buying more thats for sure.

  7. Dallasvintagetoys says:


  8. FoolKiller5150 says:

    man love the Joe figures! I think the card backs and filecards are very
    collectible. Very very cool pick ups. You get time I just uploaded the
    first video for my GI Joe Collection and I think you will enjoy it. It is
    the 82/83 figures that includes the Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander. Love your
    videos so keep them up!

  9. JaseHeadcaseTHX138 says:

    I think card backs are worth something, I would think the file cards are
    anyways because people Afa loose figs with file cards all the time. They
    seem to go for more money than the figs without Great vid !!!

  10. Icarus wingsofsteel says:

    gi joe! some of my favorite toys from my childhood :D. i have been buying
    some stuff on the internet a while back to add some parts on space ships
    etc that i lost when i was a kid. although i was born in 1985 i had allot
    of the older gi joe figures cause there was this Flea market in my street
    every Sunday and i used to spend all my money there :D. nice stuff man,
    brings back memory’s :-).

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