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Radio controlled antique pressed steel toys (Tonka & Doepke) moving dirt.

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Mike, Tom and myself moving dirt. Mike is running the dump trucks, Tom is learning the drag line and i am running the cable excavator.
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16 Responses to “Radio controlled antique pressed steel toys (Tonka & Doepke) moving dirt.”

  1. Richard Cheese says:

    Awesome ! Brings back warm memories from childhood. All us kids in the
    neighborhood, digging for hours on long summer days. We built dams,
    bridges, highways, and just big holes. I can still see us bent over working
    on our “projects”. I was the only one who wore a Tonka hardhat. I owned
    (circa 60’s) a Mighty Loader, Mighty crane, Ny-Lynt Bulldozer. Everyone
    else had the Mighty Dump Truck. I would run the my Loader for hours ! I
    would have never guessed I would end up in the medical field as a career. I
    have been hunting down and putting together my collection.

    You are very talented to electrify and motorize your equipment. It would be
    additionally awesome to see how you did that. Again, thanks for the
    memories !
    Regards, – D. ps My real name is NOT Dick Cheese. This is for those
    spying bastards at Google/NSA

  2. SmallHaul says:

    I was driving by a shallow stream by my house yesterday and thought it
    would be a nice place to take some videos..so, yes soon i’ll get some video
    with water. i used the dimensions off of a full scale unit cable excavator
    to determine the lengths but, i will double check them. i might power the
    chassis the way the real one is setup.

  3. SmallHaul says:


  4. Kraanist says:

    Great video! They work perfect .

  5. SmallHaul says:

    They are servos converted to continuous rotation.

  6. UnitCrane514 says:

    That would be awesome! Yeah for some reason the measurement conversions
    dont look right for some reason…I had the same problem when designing my
    scratch built Unit trench hoe. Its in 12th scale and some stuff doesnt add
    up so I had to go by eye. I am currently machining all the parts for it

  7. SmallHaul says:

    Thanks Wolfgang, Mike is a very smooth operator so, i like him running my
    equipment and that was the first time Tom ever ran rc construction
    equipment and he got very good by the end of the night!

  8. Seilbagger1 says:

    Hi Scott, three points for Mike, he is a good dumper driver. Only one point
    fo you (you have enough exercice to show the backhoe in perfect), but 100
    points for Tom. He has the most difficult job and he make it very good. Lol
    very nice scenery and phantastic models, i love them

  9. UnitCrane514 says:

    Ah I see whats wrong! That video is of a Unit 614. The tracked version of
    the 357 is the 514 which is still rated it 1/2 yard like the 614 but it was
    generally a smaller and less robust machine, the boom lengths and widths
    varied to accommodate the smaller machine.

  10. UnitCrane514 says:

    Hope that helps, my model is of a 1020A Unit

  11. SmallHaul says:

    Aahh…i see. That makes sense. i will shorten the stick.

  12. Pat Jenne says:

    where do you get the r c winches for the cables

  13. SmallHaul says:

    Search YouTube for “cable machines” and you will find a video of a unit
    hoe and look where the bucket meets the boom. It looks like it hits the
    same area on my model but, I agree the stick does look longer on my model.
    i should just shorten it an inch it would probably dig better and load
    trucks easier…

  14. Pat Jenne says:

    Thanks never thought of that, but would be interested in some pictures of
    the prossess, like how would you make crane swing and backhoe tracks move?

  15. UnitCrane514 says:

    Can you do a video of your dragline dredging out a mud hole or something
    like that in your yard? Lol I think the stick on your trench hoe is too
    long. Do you have any plans of adding power drive and steering to the

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