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SMU Toys Vintage 1980′s G1 Transformers Boxed Collection

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Here’s a look at my boxed vintage Transformers from my childhood.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Here are some of my favorite vintage toys, all of them where made in mexico. En es video podras ver algunos de mis juguetes avoritos. Si tienes algun juguete…

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40 Responses to “SMU Toys Vintage 1980′s G1 Transformers Boxed Collection”

  1. Tackleberry61 says:

    Wow, man. You kept your boxes in damn good condition! I was rough with my
    stuff! lol I have NO boxes from back in the day except G1 Megatron. And it
    doesn’t look nearly as good as your stuff. That Jetfire and G1 Prime are
    heavenly. I bet you got some good cashola for the Jetfire. Thanks for
    sharing with us, bro. I know you’re gonna miss them….heck, I miss them
    and I don’t even own them! lmao

  2. TFanPage101 says:

    I’m pretty lucky, appearently Canada has Metroplex for $99.99 which is
    cheeper then what I heard America was getting just saying hope that helps

  3. The One V-decepticon's Main Channel says:

    Jelly mode is on !!! Keep up the awesome. :)

  4. TFanPage101 says:

    Wow man nice, makes me want to tell Hasbro make more of these

  5. partymonster411 says:

    woot 1G vids

  6. TransformerReviews1 says:

    nice! and where are you in San diego again? becuz im moving in november!

  7. aliasangelalias says:

    I use to own the Optimus Prime and then sold it to the comic book shop for
    $75. >_< I use to have JetFire but it was play to death and the white color turn pee yellow hahaha. So that Metroplex is sold? Oh man… I use to own him for just 2 weeks and got stolen right infront of the house. Now, I’m wondering how much you part with Metro? Dude, I got Robot Pistol when I was a kid too!!! I never had the real shockwave.

  8. TFanPage101 says:

    Finally someone who likes the new stuff, I fricken love what theyre coming
    out with including Orion Pax. I hope you get Metroplex and if you get it
    I’m telling you, enjoy it or else LoLz

  9. MrPlasticrobot says:

    daaaaayyuum!! lol

  10. mrSenCTVT says:

    hehehe…we are in the same network bro…i posted a video update of me
    getting an MP-04 OP figure in exchange for the DAZiMOS figure…

  11. vic valencia says:

    what place did you sell your vintage collection?

  12. Warmachine Vengeance says:

    How da hell did u manage to keep those things so nice from when u were a

  13. VWTOYS says:

    Oh damn so much cool vintage tf stuff :-) Heard about the 2013er version of
    fortress maximus yesterday. This guy looks good – but 350 bucks.

  14. TheBudgetJedi says:

    Maybe not a huge collection but it’s worth huge money man! wow jet fire is
    the best dude way to make me want to hunt for one now. damn your fiancee is
    cool as heck for wanting optimus prime, that is the most memorable
    character in TF universe for sure man. great vid

  15. MarvelandDC379 says:

    Awesome collection

  16. Darth CEJ Reviews says:

    Awesome stuff.

  17. TFanPage101 says:

    Lately after ROTF I’ve haven’t been seeing a lot of Transformers stuff,
    like for example the Transformers Prime stuff I was lucky to find stuff of
    Wave 2 and over and I’ve always wanted that Dreadwing

  18. F0RG31 says:

    OH MY GOD!! Jetfire! I still have mines in the Box somewhere hidden.

  19. IndoJimbo says:

    Nice stuff man. Can’t believe you would sell your childhood MIB
    transformers. I’d almost give anything to get the very toys I had as a kid.

  20. TFanPage101 says:

    Oh man third party stuff is impreasive, but yeah how come I would pay $100
    for something the same size costs $10 or $20, but yeah just so happens my
    next review of a toy is gonna be Generations Skullgrin and I can’t wait for

  21. skabcat242 says:

    Wow. I havnt seen these in a long time. Back in the 80s i only had the
    smaller transformers. I wasnt too big into them as kid but i loved the

  22. TransformerReviews1 says:

    i always watch your transformers videos and i havent seen this one! haha
    but how much did you sell all of them!?

  23. dreadnok320 says:

    how much did u sell that stuff for. if u dont mind me asking. I had a lot
    of that same stuff Plus a lot more with the boxes. But when i moved about 8
    years ago. most of it go thrown away. And i was the 1 that did the
    throwing. I kick my self when i think of the cash i throw away.

  24. Adam Franco says:

    Damn I had Jet fire as a kid. To see it today it still looks cool.

  25. TheOpenhobby says:

    But then again, everything seemed like it was $100 when you were like 5,

  26. akerockstar says:

    dope! optimus prime…grayskull, prince adam, etc…nice collection. gotta
    start mine soon…

  27. billy presley says:

    en cuanto vendes el skeletor?????

  28. billy presley says:

    no vendes el skeletor en su caja mexicana ????

  29. manuel starriors says:

    si te interesa lo de star wars pon tu mail

  30. ApagueLaLuz yEscuche says:

    Tienes razon, eres coleccionista y te comprendo,no lo vendas…oye, donde
    conseguiste la figura de cepillin bootleg, el rojo….esta padrisimo y
    tambien el patas verdes de hule…de nueva cuenta, felicidades!!!

  31. Cetostar says:


  32. mk1212wq says:

    agregale master of universe al titulo, asi optienes mas vistas y kizas
    youtube hasta te paga!! tambien compartes con los k hablan otros idiomas!!!

  33. vecuso vec says:

    gracias por tu oferta pero la verdad es que en vez de vender trato de
    comprar cada vez mas. gracias

  34. Angel Cardenas says:


  35. vecuso vec says:

    trato de coleccionar puras cosas mexicanas el cepillin creo que lo compre
    en un mercado de antiguedades. gracias por tu comentarios!

  36. gabino moreno says:

    mis respetos brother, los empaques originales es lo que tambien le da valor
    a los jugutes que coleccionas, yo no guardo ningun empaque je je je nomas
    los jugutes (transformers te invito a ver mi video de mi principiante
    coleccion) saludos me gusto mucho tu coleccion.

  37. hatex3 says:

    Buen video y excelente colección amigo, ya solo te falto mostrar tus Red
    Line!, saludos!

  38. manuel starriors says:

    vendo cosas de star wars te interesa?

  39. ApagueLaLuz yEscuche says:

    hola, te doy 2000 pesos por man e faces, ke dices…buena coleccion!!!

  40. scorpioglow79 says:


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