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Star Wars Action Figures and Holiday Special Promo: Vintage Toys & Games for Christmas

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My star Wars vintage collection part one enjoy ……. A collection through unique photographs Live un boxings Private photos from my personal collection Sta…

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28 Responses to “Star Wars Action Figures and Holiday Special Promo: Vintage Toys & Games for Christmas”

  1. Apple Lucas says:

    Seems sad that they turned this fantastic movie into a marketing technique

  2. Videodrome06 says:

    I had the R2D2 robot but mine wasn’t radio controlled, it had a wire from
    the “remote” to the robot.

  3. CharlesK61974 says:

    The toys from MY childhood. Many thanks for posting this.

  4. Mark Headley says:


  5. AppleAustin01 says:

    And I can’t believe the millennium falcon came with all those figures, and
    if pry wasn’t that much money, now if the toy company did that, it would be
    worth alot!

  6. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Thanks 4 the watch!!! yes i make the videos fun but i do try to make them
    interesting watch out 4 part 2 the force may be strong!!!!

  7. JediSkywalker7 says:

    NICE!!! One of the best collections I have seen so far.

  8. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Yoda not far

  9. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    thanks mate ,

  10. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    **Part one**

  11. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    the falcon box featuring the figures its just the box art display 🙂 you
    got no free Acton figures unfortunately kenner wanted more and more money
    from us 😛

  12. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    thanks look at my other videos more star wars stuff mtfbwu

  13. AppleAustin01 says:

    So cool to see how much toys have changed and grown, I loved this!

  14. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Thanks!!! KINDA Proud of them there hard to find now in nice condition
    there so well loved 🙂 mtfbwu thanx 4 watching.

  15. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Hay thanks so much for looking @ my stuff mtfbwu 😛

  16. padawanks says:

    Wow! That’s so epic! Your collection looks so well kept! Liked 🙂

  17. actionjackman says:

    haha classic!

  18. BlueBrickTARDIS says:

    Beautiful stuff, Kaz! Keep it coming! 😀

  19. Richard Mack says:

    Great stuff Karen 😉

  20. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Yes the Large Size Vader is hot i cant get my mind around it its amazing
    for the time , wonder what it would have been like if kenner had when with
    a 12 in line instead of the carded figures would we all be collecting them

  21. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Thanks a lot ….a long time a go in a toy box right enough 😛 glad ya
    liked see in it !! .

  22. MegaGazp says:

    such a great collection, top vid, so many awesome collectors figures and
    ships in your collection, lov the way you make your vids, i look forward to
    seeing much much more, keep them vids coming mate.

  23. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    fuck off you fuckin prick

  24. cloontrooper says:

    Awesome collection!! I’m trying to piece together my vintage collection
    again. I stupidly sold most of it years ago, and I’ve regreted it ever
    since. may the force be with you

  25. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    thanks 4 watching glad ya liked it .

  26. BentBrent69 says:

    Love the boxed Falcons. Great video.

  27. LaughItupFuzzball70 says:

    Very Easyyyyyyyyyyy on the Eye this Chick! Liked & Loved especially the 12″
    Vader. Cheers Fuzz.

  28. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    thanks action jackson wait till you see my new item i think you will
    approve its gonna be the biggest and second most rare and exciting item i
    own star wars wise …..big parcel i become ….:P

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