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Star Wars: Jabba the Hutt and Friends – Vintage Kenner Toys Review Max Rebo Rancor

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25 Responses to “Star Wars: Jabba the Hutt and Friends – Vintage Kenner Toys Review Max Rebo Rancor”

  1. AntiqueGameEmporium says:

    The special edition of Return Of The Jedi was ruined to me when they added
    that obnoxious Max Rebo band Nickelodeon scene! Thank God on the internet
    you can find the original laser disc versions of those films.

  2. Edward Teach says:

    I like you dude, I subbed to your channel because of you ghostbusters toy
    vid, but I gotta say…if you found the “in-action” figures (as you call
    them) boring, the problem is with your imagination, not Kenner’s choice of

  3. Manu Forster says:

    Jabba the Hutt was and is still one of my Favs!

    I even think he didn’t necessarily look like a villain.
    He wasn’t just the bad guy in my world…

    Perhaps that’s because he somehow reminded me of the wise caterpillar from
    Alice in Wonderland..

    But Jabba’s throne was really absurd.
    It always made me feel like I didn’t really get the movie/ or the playset…
    (I remember playing back the StarWars movies/ RotJ on Video, looking for a
    scene where Jabba gets off his throne…// he didn’t.)

    I never had the Max Rebo Band back when I was a kid… perhaps because of
    the very same reason You mentioned. But they are still some of the best
    figures of the old and new Toyline! I always hated Figures printed on
    stickers or background elements. That always felt awkward, if You had
    characters You couldn’t move or place or involve at will… I mean: Once
    the figure was printed on the playset, we couldn’t remove it and play a
    scenario that didn’t involve the figure.
    Playsets should only contain a minimal setting to convey a certain
    atmosphere… never put characters or creatures or monsters on Stickers and
    background cardboards!

  4. Mattmannish says:

    HAHA…Kudos for mentioning One Crazy Summer!

  5. MrDegenerateMe says:

    That dance number was gold!

  6. MrNiggaMike says:

    I had all these toys as a kid and they were in great condition too but
    after watching this vid, I regret taking them to tha toy store to sale them
    but at that time I needed money so that’s tha reason I sold them and yeah I
    know I was stupid for doing that.

  7. Colin M says:


  8. Luc Gervais says:

    Hilarious dance party. I still have my Jabba setup next to my next gen
    Millenium Falcon. Still looks great. 

  9. Obscene Newg says:

    Sorry man, I love he Rebo Band toys. I’ve got more than one set of them.

  10. Armored Knight says:

    LOOOOOL Lando doing karaoke!!! My side hurts from laughter!

  11. Cavillier1970 says:

    Nice video Mike, my 6 yr old nephew is MAJORLY into SW and since he was
    little I’ve gotten him mainly Lego. Now Kenner could take a page out Lego’s
    book to design playsets. I mean look at the Jaba’s palace & Rankor pit, two
    seperate sets, designed to go together like death & taxes. Maybe these SW
    sets are something you should consider reviewing next. Be warned the older
    ones can get a little pricey. The Death Star, is a kick ass set I’d love to
    get my nephew, but its over $200 on Amazon. Granted it has 4 sides, 4
    levels, garbage pit, Vaders Tie Fighter which you can park inside, outside
    cannons, elevator, prisoner level, Emperor’s chamber, (so you can play from
    SW or ROTJ) & 24 minifigures. Including 2 Lukes, 1 from SW 1 from Jedi, &
    w/ the right colored light sabre Mike. LOL Just watched the Lightsabre
    video. lol

  12. stebstk74 says:

    If you dont like the band I’ll have them….


    ps could you do a tortual of the box thats for the rancor i think its relly
    awsome and i know of a star wars card board death star

  14. boltorange says:

    Michael, have you seen the Lego version of Jabba’s palace and the Rancour
    pit? It’s two sets. The palace can be placed on top of the pit almost
    exactly as you describe here.

  15. jabba820 says:

    thanks! Hey btw have u heard about jj abrams directing star wars 7?

  16. Star Wars Live says:

    Revisiting this video after just doing a review and looking at the
    histories of all 12 members of the Special Edition band. You think the
    three members are bad, the 12 are worst. Goofy back stories and horrible
    figures. You have some great points, perhaps next time the band will be off
    duty entirely at Jabba’s. This video had me laughing again!

  17. WeavingTheFate says:

    Everybody Dance Now!! That sh## was hilarious!

  18. tee bizz says:

    Best dance party ever !!! Cheetara breaking it down !!! Fantastic !!!

  19. retroblasting says:

    I’m also loathe to admit that the only CGI Jabba that looked any good was
    the one seen briefly in the podrace in EP1. Why they didn’t use that Jabba
    in the Star Wars: SE Jabba redo for the 2004 DVD, I cannot figure out…

  20. retroblasting says:

    I’ve heard. My feelings are mixed. I’m not keen on the same guy being given
    control of both Trek and Wars…

  21. 1701Tex says:

    Is that Buck Rogers about to get the Jabba “batch view” at 1:47?

  22. retroblasting says:

    I believe that!

  23. retroblasting says:

    Grabbed it off a TV broadcast.

  24. DarthMaximus100 says:

    thank you

  25. grownuptrunks says:

    I remember making my own toys out of card board like that cuz they didnt
    make the toys to scale lol.

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