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Star Wars The Republic Gunship Toy Review Toys”R”Us Exclusive

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Star Wars The Republic Gunship Toy Review Toys''R''Us Exclusive

A Toys”R”Us exclusive the latest update on a great clone vehicle.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Star Wars The Republic Gunship Toy Review Toys”R”Us Exclusive”

  1. Alex Burgoyne says:

    I remember when I was younger I wanted a gunship set sooooo bad XD

  2. VictoriasCantina says:

    Terrific review. I just acquired this one myself. You can never have too
    many gunships.

  3. jamal zeidan says:

    hey steve I ordered 1 from ebay for 130.00

  4. t charbo says:

    When I got mine the turrets didn’t turn :(

  5. TheNevis1992 says:

    This set looks awesome! I need to get myself one of these!


  6. t charbo says:

    When I went to toys r us it was 135 DOLLARS

  7. JOSE LUIS FELIX says:

    Sweet. I can get the turrets, 3 figures, and it’s new. Only $119.

  8. palpatine1975 says:

    hi there, hoping you will do a review on tru x-wing.

  9. Adam Cooper says:

    Jumping yoda

  10. Cj Mason says:

    Mines is on the way

  11. DrMattheus says:

    I always find that the Animated clone figures sit a lot better in places
    like that rather than the movie sculpts with the swivel legs.

  12. Tanner Griggs says:

    I believe that Yoda figure is from the Attack of the Clones toy line, I
    remember getting one for Christmas in 2002.

  13. Tanaka Clark says:

    Great review as always! I believe the Yoda is from the Yoda (with Super
    Battle Droid) deluxe figures from attack of the clones line.

  14. urantiruslan says:

    why did they not use the crumb bomber sculped?

  15. EricD989 says:

    I need to get 1 of these.. Just hoping it wil go on sale. Great review

  16. owen98682 says:

    i remember when these toys first came out when i was a kid lol all i ever
    wanted the the gunship but instead my dad got me jango fetts ship…… i
    was pissed…

  17. TOYMASTERFUL says:

    This is on sale TODAY FOR ONLY 70 BUCKS on toysrus online….GLAD I WAITED

  18. MUTTLA says:

    I have a question Steve… do you own another version of the Republic
    Gunship? I could not help notice how small this version of the Republic
    Gunship looks compare to my 2009 Republic Gunship “Crumb Bomber”. I wonder
    if this new version is a bit smaller? 

  19. Steve Starwalker Cardon says:

    Awesome ,plain and simple

  20. Steve Starwalker Cardon says:

    thanks Tommy

  21. JoeRider101 says:

    sick review mate, this makes an awesome display for your clone figures!

  22. UKToyCollector1977 says:

    Wow, I hope we get this in the UK. Great review, many thanks.

  23. Steve Starwalker Cardon says:

    thanks Madd

  24. collector1970 says:


  25. Christian Lima Vital Silva says:

    im can buy this on the cristhimas

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