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Star Wars Toys Vintage Collection Toy Review Unboxing Part I ** SPOILERS **

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WARNING THIS VIDEO HAS SPOILERS ** Join us at http://blog.Atamaii.com The Star Wars Vintage Collection Empire Strikes Back series of toy action figures by…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Star Wars Toys Vintage Collection Toy Review Unboxing Part I ** SPOILERS **”

  1. True MCG says:

    Atamaii carl best reviewer ever in adult

  2. Robin Winzinger says:


  3. Champine88 says:

    seeing all these being opened made me sad :(

  4. Jakereviews says:

    @Atamaiidotcom Yay ^_^!!

  5. sdbxb71 says:

    do the at-at do the at-at please

  6. kyle kushner says:


  7. Videorobbie101 says:

    Mark Hammil has been in Batman beyond Return the joker as joker and he was
    the Joker in Batman the animated series

  8. antonio121355 says:

    is he rich or something

  9. Yuri Petrov says:

    @cuzaseso lucky guy

  10. Atamaii.tv Toy Reporter says:

    @auratorres0801 thanks!

  11. atticustm1 says:

    mark hammel was in castle in the sky

  12. Bethanny Tingey says:

    I love dearth vader I’m a sith scared

  13. Psycho Panda Games says:

    my dad was 5 when it came out

  14. JeffTheFutureJaros says:

    I would’ve kept that Darth Vader Foil Variant in the package, nonetheless
    great review, check some of my reviews out, nice job. -THE FUTURE

  15. Atamaii.tv Toy Reporter says:

    @wwetog971 My camcorder is a Sony HDR-SR7, about 3 years old. I edit on
    Vegas Pro 9 now, and with the next video, there will be some effects I
    added using Vegas Pro.

  16. Marine19151 says:

    You can take the chest plate off for the AT-AT Officer to make regular
    Imperial Officer

  17. Kirito Kun says:

    do you like beyblade???

  18. starwars4u says:


  19. was29850 says:

    ill give u £7 for c3-po

  20. EdwardNygma1 says:

    @Atamaiidotcom LOL at beginning. Mark Hamil does do a great Joker and is
    known for it to the comic type audience, but that’s really it. And Carrie
    Fischer has done nothing…the only film I remember her being in was a
    cameo at the end of the Blues Brothers movie. Then she wrote a book about
    her alcohol addiction.

  21. jobert201 says:

    did u no that darth vader was anakin skywalker

  22. acicon says:

    Karey Fisher was in a lot of films, just nothing as big as Star Wars. As
    for Mark Hamil, he was in that Silent Bob movie as himself. but Mark’s
    major role now is the voice of the Joker from batman, too bad he’s retiring
    from that role now. Best Joker voice ever

  23. partymonster411 says:

    Mark Hamill AKA Luke Skywalker, Hobglobin, The Joker, The Spectre, he
    switch to voice acting bcuz of his car accident

  24. Atamaii.tv Toy Reporter says:

    @terraeon hehe ok ok thanks!

  25. nightwing45304 says:

    He also voiced the Joker in Batman Beyond Return of the Joker. Or whatever
    the batman Beyond movie was called.

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