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18 Responses to “Star Wars Vintage KENNER Commercial – Toys And Games”

  1. Bossness123 says:


  2. Justin Cull says:

    Brings a tear to my eye. Seriously.

  3. MaxRebo120 says:

    Lol, this is like one of the only good 70’s Star Wars commercials.

  4. David Low says:

    I had the Death Star but it did not survive my repeated attempts to climb
    it trying to get to things on shelves. It makes a decent ladder for 4 -5
    year olds. The trash monster was kind of disturbing. It was lime green with
    fins and an open mouth in its belly

  5. Alun Jones says:

    Cool, I’ve never seen this before. I want that Death Star playset!!!

  6. Kerry Standifur says:

    I’ve got those all somewhere.

  7. rusty shackleford says:

    I Broke my Wookie in the Damn trash compactor! Stupid Kenner Playsets!

  8. 1337Lunchbox says:

    This is my favorite Star wars commercial. :]

  9. Mark Moore says:

    I miss my Death Star. It was awesome! I hope they can come up with a
    reproduction of that play set or come up with a new one like the new
    Millenium Falcon! I just got it and it is incredible!

  10. MyOnlyFarph says:

    so many toys in 1 minute

  11. Brandon Reina says:

    but now hasbro retained the rights to current star wars products.

  12. Twilight101cp says:


  13. ULTRADREW1 says:

    @Attila709 DUDE its worth a SHITLOAD

  14. Chris .That Is My Name says:

    my neighbor bought the radio control r2 at a yard sale, sadly the battery
    out let was rusty so it wouldn’t work

  15. Attila709 says:

    I have the X-wing fighter still in the original box. Have no idea if it’s
    worth anything.

  16. sydbarrett5 says:

    Where is Kenner these days? Destroyed…by the empire.

  17. markhez2 says:

    Ounnnnnn *_*

  18. Custodes Sabatron says:

    Every time 3PO says the word “children” I cry. Really.

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