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Star Wars Vintage Series & Clone Wars Hasbro Toys NYCC 2011 Display

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Star Wars Vintage Series & Clone Wars Hasbro Toys NYCC 2011 Display

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Star Wars Vintage Series & Clone Wars Hasbro Toys NYCC 2011 Display”

  1. knockoutdotcom says:

    FIRST!!! and also that Dauth Maul looks awesome and hes my favorite star
    wars character along with Vader im definitely getting that mask

  2. santaduck151 says:

    FINALLY they are getting rid of the stupid galactic battle game

  3. MarvelandDC379 says:

    Those new figures look awesome

  4. Matthew Leo says:

    What was the Darth Maul lightsaber??? Is it a basic one or spring-action

  5. TFCfilmproductionz says:


  6. kvian jordan says:

    have you seen star wars episode one in 3d

  7. Grievousapprentice15 says:

    All of these figures look great. As a Clone Wars collector, those are
    figures I’m certainly getting, and I might get a few vintage figures like
    Leia. But with the Phantom Menace coming back to theaters, there is just so
    much Darth Maul merchandise, I think they’re kind of going overboard on the

  8. Vinny Banana says:

    Meesa want all these toys


    @SegaFan98 haha i did too

  10. Gil H says:

    very cool

  11. likeits1985 says:

    Damn! I’m still waiting to see the last wave or two from the Vintage
    Collection appear at my local retail stores.

  12. TheLegospencerman says:

    @TheLegospencerman sorry i was wrong i wasnt first 🙁

  13. JazzyWazzy says:

    @santaduck151 um it’s still there I think I can se the die -.-

  14. trajan lena says:

    @guinessfarts454 trust me your not the only one

  15. drowssap22 says:

    Darth Vader is the best. This is the one I’ve been waiting for. Absolutely
    perfect and menacing. Getting 4 of him assuming there’s still foiled

  16. swhero4mer4jesus says:

    fx complete double sided lightsaber would be amazing just saying

  17. suelisds says:

    how much is that darth maul lightsaber

  18. guinessfarts454 says:

    Ffffffffuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk im 12 i was getting out of star wars till
    sean decided to put this vid up lets see i want the new jar jar vintage
    collection darth maul anikan (young) and qui gonn

  19. brobi44 says:

    I met the actor for darth maul

  20. cmtevieira says:

    Geoge Lucas unstoppable mine of money!

  21. SegaFan98 says:

    i had the original darth maul lightsaber.

  22. Andrew Papucci says:

    That one phase II clone from clone wars looked awesome

  23. TheLegospencerman says:

    FIRST 😀

  24. Wesley Snipes says:

    Hah, wasn’t expecting to see Malgus there.

  25. MrSportsadam says:

    I want the darth maul figures

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