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Star Wars™ Vintage toys 1977 & 1984 ( 26 january 2013 updates )

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25 Responses to “Star Wars™ Vintage toys 1977 & 1984 ( 26 january 2013 updates )”

  1. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Star Wars™ Vintage Toys 1978 & 1984 Kenner The Full collection

  2. MikeRendar84 says:

    Np 🙂

  3. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    thanks guys for the support on this video 🙂

  4. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    yes that ones sweet as well will you get the palitoy version given the

  5. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Yes Palitoy is a uk toy company very famous in the 70s and 80s kenner gave
    them copyrights to issue there toys in the uk yes the rebel transporter is
    ace i loved that as a kid thanx 4 watching 🙂

  6. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    ** 8 minutes in you can see my new Carded figures **

  7. ronfrrll73 says:

    awesome as always

  8. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Hello there yes greats company iv some items issued by them mtfbwu.

  9. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    no not yet but i will soon it would be a lot of work but i will do it soon
    thanks 4 watching .

  10. charlie claridge says:

    very cool stuff karen i have always loved the kenner figures they are
    really deccent figures for there age i would love to get some of the last
    17 figures that would be really cool btw do you collect hasbro star wars
    figures or is it just kenner ?

  11. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    hello i will have a look of course 😛 mtfbwu ..always .

  12. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Yes i hear ya its very addictive all the different versions and so on yes
    loads more from me i just need the time to film it you have a fantastic
    collection and you know ur stuff information history , a proper collector .

  13. charlie claridge says:

    sorry, i meen decent

  14. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good, you will not, hmmm?

  15. mkmfilms2009 says:

    Wow! Your collection has certainly grown! Beats mine in terms of boxed
    vehicles! I concentrate on the action figures! The Palitoy landspeeder does
    not have an opening bonnet unlike the Kenner version! Nice figures!
    Trilogos are good to collect but can get pricey- Luke Bespin and Hoth Luke
    for example! Have you been on this site- has lots of
    useful collecting tips! Great Video!

  16. gohstdog23 says:

    Yes the memories !! Thanks love the commercial !

  17. JuneeSkywalker says:

    That’s a crazy collection! Super haul 🙂 & what’s the name of your
    website?? Is it vintage Star Wars related? Thanks

  18. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    thanks alot glad you like it mtfbwu .

  19. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Really happy you enjoyed it Thanx 4 watching . 😛

  20. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Thanks mate 🙂 thanks 4 watching also .

  21. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    thanks a lot for watching .

  22. actionjackman says:

    maybe sometime, I’m pretty much finished with the vintage Star Wars line, I
    am mainly missing the cardboard stuff and a few of the biggies. Time to
    move on for me, but I still love to see your collection grow

  23. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Thanx Luke , yeh the Palitoy Speeder is ace been after one for years in a
    nice box , look out next week some carded last 17 on the way 😛

  24. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Hay you 😛 cheers 4 watching , glad you liked it Yes he is one freaky funky
    figure so over the top so mad looking but i love it!!! mtfbwu .

  25. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Thanks 4 watching mate 🙂 na just a serious collector have been all my life

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