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Hi guys here is this weeks new pick ups loads of vintage kenner and palitoy star wars stuff boxed and mint condition hope you like it there are also two majo…

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25 Responses to “Star Wars™ Vintage toys Star Wars™ ESB + ROTJ Pick ups.”

  1. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    so you was old-enough to have been a part of the cone wars lol 28 great age

  2. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Hello there my young friend :P thanks soo much for watching rest easy son
    you’ve had a busy day :) Yes i am very please with my self over the slave 1
    ship been after one for ages and ages well i think i may talk a little i
    would do it more but when i edit bits out my video it makes it difficult
    glad you like the video mtfbwu.

  3. MikeRendar84 says:

    Yeah, kind of. I’ve never been so excited about CW anyway. The movie came
    out in like 2008, i didn’t watch it until like a week ago lol ;p I’m more
    for the original trilogy! :) Yeah 28 isn’t bad haha

  4. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    thanks 4 watching .:P

  5. DarthVaderFan92 says:

    thanks :)

  6. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Hi there thanx for watching really appreciate that yes all different kind
    of collectors out there its all great mtfbwu .

  7. MegaGazp says:

    wow you have the vintage slave one, great ship, awesome collectors update

  8. actionjackman says:

    These are just beautiful! Can’t believe how good the condition is on these,
    the EFR is a real pain to get loose complete, never mind MIB! Very

  9. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    I hear what your saying i just buy them coz there part of the line i love
    the maintenance mini rig i thought that was good for fixing ships :P

  10. MikeRendar84 says:

    Hahaha i know what you mean. Actually the CW movie wasn’t as boring as i
    though it would be, but NOTHING beats the O.T, and NOTHING beats collecting
    O.T stuff! :)

  11. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Original all the way for me watch them back to back you will see what i
    mean not one boring part in it watch the new stuff back to back omg lol
    sleepy time hahahahah

  12. PoweroftheForce2 says:

    really awesome vintage stuff, you have a great vintage collection and all
    in great condition

  13. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Hi there , thanx so much for watching!! Yes Luke is a great guy and
    fantastic collector loves a good mix of toys , also thanx for telling me
    about the Skiff Id hate to snap it :( really happy you liked seeing this
    mtfbwu ..always .

  14. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Thanx mate really pleased you liked the video appreciate that yes i try my
    best to find nice stuff :) mtfbwu ..always

  15. Star Wars Live says:

    Great items there. I really look forward to your collection video for
    Christmas time. I have my original Slave 1, but it is a bit beat up /
    played with. This is the part of its charm now. Eventually I’d like to get
    some more vintage items, but I seem to be distracted by the modern stuff
    because it is so much more readily available.

  16. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Thanx Luke thanks 4 watching also , really glad you liked seeing my new
    stuff yes iv seen the EFR go for silly prices there one listed now for £199
    pounds scary!! yesI am loving the new stuff @ the mo .

  17. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Hi there thanx 4 watching , and yeh i hope you get them 2 there great items

  18. 2121gul says:

    Great stuff as always:)

  19. Guernicaman says:

    I hope to get these sometime in the future, tho probably not in mint

  20. rabidhammer says:

    so lovely! =)

  21. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    thanks glad you liked it its a fantastic ship mtfbwu will rate ur video in
    a moment .

  22. MikeRendar84 says:

    Haha 28 isn’t super young though xD I understand, but talk only on the
    parts your not gonna cut out then? :)

  23. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Hello my plesure to share with you all thanks 4 watching really appreciate
    this mate )

  24. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Thanks 4 watching mtfbwu

  25. AhsokandPadme436 says:

    Awesome stuff you picked up there!! I am so jealous your vintage collection
    is literally HUGE!!

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