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Star Wars Vintage Toys Update (Buy & Sell)

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New Star Wars vehicle added and sold a bunch of vintage figures at local toy store. Arizona Collectors Market Place (Phoenix)

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14 Responses to “Star Wars Vintage Toys Update (Buy & Sell)”

  1. Ricks Ageek says:

    Ha…. That is how my cousin acts. He is more of a figure collector and Im
    more of a vehicle collector. lol

  2. thugie1 says:

    Very neat. I had a friend heavy, heavy into star wars Kenner star wars
    figures and the rest. He’d show me 12 backs like a prospector would a
    golden nugget.

  3. Cj Clouse says:

    That’s a nice collection

  4. Ricks Ageek says:

    Some of them he did but my cousin has been a off-on collector for some
    years now. He needed to sell these specific one in order to pay for a
    expensive star wars figure he just bought on ebay.

  5. JaseHeadcaseTHX138 says:

    Cool !! Very Cool !! Did you guys just recently acquire those figs to sell
    or did u sell them that day?

  6. Ricks Ageek says:


  7. MrJojonino says:


  8. Ricks Ageek says:

    Thanks man. 🙂

  9. Ricks Ageek says:

    Thanks man. 🙂

  10. alongtimeago says:

    wow nice collection no wonder someone bought them all prices were just
    about right!

  11. sonofsam73 says:

    awesome case man way to go

  12. Mark Headley says:

    whats the secret dude.

  13. Ricks Ageek says:

    A Flux Capacitor is the secret. 🙂

  14. FoolKiller5150 says:

    Very cool Rick!!

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