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Star Wars Vintage Toys Update (Buy & Sell)

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New Star Wars vehicle added and sold a bunch of vintage figures at local toy store. Arizona Collectors Market Place (Phoenix) Burbank Old Toys Collectors What kind of old toys do you buy? We buy many different old types of toys. Mostly…
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14 Responses to “Star Wars Vintage Toys Update (Buy & Sell)”

  1. Ricks Ageek says:

    Ha…. That is how my cousin acts. He is more of a figure collector and Im
    more of a vehicle collector. lol

  2. thugie1 says:

    Very neat. I had a friend heavy, heavy into star wars Kenner star wars
    figures and the rest. He’d show me 12 backs like a prospector would a
    golden nugget.

  3. Cj Clouse says:

    That’s a nice collection

  4. Ricks Ageek says:

    Some of them he did but my cousin has been a off-on collector for some
    years now. He needed to sell these specific one in order to pay for a
    expensive star wars figure he just bought on ebay.

  5. JaseHeadcaseTHX138 says:

    Cool !! Very Cool !! Did you guys just recently acquire those figs to sell
    or did u sell them that day?

  6. Ricks Ageek says:


  7. MrJojonino says:


  8. Ricks Ageek says:

    Thanks man. :)

  9. Ricks Ageek says:

    Thanks man. :)

  10. alongtimeago says:

    wow nice collection no wonder someone bought them all prices were just
    about right!

  11. sonofsam73 says:

    awesome case man way to go

  12. Mark Headley says:

    whats the secret dude.

  13. Ricks Ageek says:

    A Flux Capacitor is the secret. :)

  14. FoolKiller5150 says:

    Very cool Rick!!

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