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The Fisher-price Fun 2 Learn Color Flash Laptop Review

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The Fisher-price Fun 2 Learn Color Flash Laptop Review
Fisher-Price has a brand new version of it’s popular “laughtop”, a laptop style toy built for children as young as three years old. This new version, called the Fisher-Price Fun 2 Learn Color Flash Laptop, is outfitted with several new features to keep children laughing, playing, and learning. In terms of outward appearances, they’ve modified the laptop case to be more compact. The mouse is now placed on a stow away tray drawer that can be pulled out whenever the child wants to use it. The real working mouse that comes with this system is wonderful fun designed specifically for young hands. It’s attached to the computer so that it can’t be lost or misplaced, and will help give children practice using a mouse for when they’re ready to graduate to the regular computer.

Modes can now be set via buttons on the keyboard rather than a slider. And there are decorative elements included to make the toy look more like a real laptop, including a fake camera lens above the screen, and a fake touch pad below the keyboard keys. The mouse also now looks more like a real computer mouse. As adorable as the old mouse was that looked like a cute little cartoon mouse, this new mouse will help children feel more like they’re using an actual computer. And the new “Color Change” button allows children to set the background color for the screen.

The “fun button” is now gone in favor of two new playing modes. Fisher Price felt that it was best to allow children to control the action more directly rather than setting up a special button to show some random animation. So now, in addition to Letters, Phonics, Tunes, and Games modes, the laptop also has a numbers mode and a typing mode.

In letters mode, children can touch letters on the keyboard in order to hear that letter spoken along with the letter sound, and then the system will show a word that starts with that letter accompanied by a picture of that object. The computer plays music as children slide the mouse over the on screen alphabet, which can be shown in both upper case and lower case letters.

In Phonics mode, letters appear on the screen and the child is challenged to “catch” the letters by pressing the correct letter key on the keyboard. Each letter gets the child a point, and after catching all the letters the child is moved on to the next level.

In Numbers mode, the child gets to choose between two counting games that involve counting stars. In Tune Maker mode, children can hear individual notes or play short songs. And in Typing mode, children can type words with the keyboard as they listen to the letters being spoken.

And finally, what toy laptop would be complete without games? In Games mode, children have a choice between two games: “Don’t Let The Mouse Escape”, and “Where’s The Cheese?”. In the Mouse Escape game, children must use the mouse to stop the on screen mouse from “escaping” from the screen as it careens around. In the Cheese game, children must control the on screen mouse to guide it through a maze until it finds the cheese.

This toy laptop is great educational fun for young children that makes them feel like they’re computer users just like mommy and daddy.

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