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The Tonka Heaven Credo

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The Tonka Heaven Credo

http://www.tonkaheaven.com – This is what Tonka heaven means to me. It’s about bringing back great memories with these vintage toys. Tonka heaven provides 19…
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hey every one here is a look at some vintage 60’s/70’s Tonka toys all made in USA and still roll well. if any one has any more info that I didn’t say in the …
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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14 Responses to “The Tonka Heaven Credo”

  1. bttfdmc1984 says:

    haha nice find idk what the exchange rate is on euro’s to US dollars.

  2. bttfdmc1984 says:

    @racegrooves yup just a bit of surface rust but still able to be played
    with but not going to be lol they are for display only now.

  3. staktikis says:

    After looking on Ebay i found out that its not missing annything, looks
    like its supose to have something, but its complete, and in near mint,
    AND… They go for 15 euro on Ebay in not so fine state as mine so. I ow
    you 10 Dollar 😉

  4. bttfdmc1984 says:

    @poochefmarowbe thanks for the tips

  5. RaceGrooves says:

    Ah… The good old days when the toys were steel! Made in USA too!

  6. staktikis says:

    So i bought a little orange buldozer for 5 euro. Its 10 centimeters short,
    used but in wonderfull condition. Only i think its missing something, there
    are 2 holes were a mechanism should be to lift the plate, or a roof. But
    the rubber tracks, the orange paint, the buldozer fork are great. So you ow
    me 5 euro’s ;)))))

  7. poochefmarowbe says:

    @poochefmarowbe They come apart real easy, just carefully bend the metal
    tabs. The steering wheel will pop out from the back just use a blunt

  8. bttfdmc1984 says:

    @poochefmarowbe thanks for watching one day i might try to restore that
    buggy just gotta fig out how to safely remove the rubber steering wheel

  9. staktikis says:

    Damn why did you make this vid. Now i want one, gonna look for 1 in a
    little vintage shop on monday, you ow me monney man.

  10. bttfdmc1984 says:

    lol good luck they are nice to have and easier to display in a small place
    then the bigger construction trucks

  11. heathkinn says:

    how do you know all these things and information?..your very
    informative….tonkas lasted a longgggggggggggggggggg time i know
    that…very sturdy they were…

  12. heathkinn says:

    omg 60s or 70s?..hahahah i was a kid in the 60s and a young hot mama in the
    70s…..my god ..has it been that loong??? good god….

  13. bttfdmc1984 says:

    @heathkinn Google/eBay has been a good tools to find info on them

  14. poochefmarowbe says:

    Nice! Love the buggy! I’ll have to do a Tonka video! Thanks for the show!

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