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Tonka Interactive Rumblin Chuck Truck Review

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Tonka Interactive Rumblin Chuck Truck Review

Young boys love their dump trucks, and Tonka has been making great quality toy dump trucks for decades.  Now Tonka has a brand new animated dump truck character named Rumblin Chuck, and he’s driving his way into the hearts of young children everywhere.  The Tonka Interactive Rumblin Chuck toy is a cartoonish red and yellow little electronic toy dump truck with blue eyes and a big, silly, toothy grin.  He’s so adorable that he’s pretty much guaranteed to make any young child smile and play along happily for hours on end.

Rumblin Chuck is programmed with over 50 sounds and phrases, and interacts with his environment through cool moves such as driving around in a circle and shaking all about.  His mouth moves when he talks, and he has an adorable and endearing voice that’s sure to capture any child’s attention, and his character is so endearing that parents will love this toy as well.

The Tonka Interactive Rumblin Chuck is a delight to play with, and features numerous pressure points on its body that, when activated, will initiate Chuck into performing some action.  Press on Rumblin Chuck’s head, and he may drive around a bit in a spin or shake himself all about.  He may also pop wheelies, and he’s sure to say something clever and fun that children will giggle at.  Children can load items up into Rumblin Chuck, and he will encourage them to do so with phrases like “Keep It Coming!” until the weight reaches a certain point and Chuck will proclaim how heavy the load is and shake it all out onto the floor.  Chuck will also say things and make movements spontaneously without having any pressure points activated in order to engage children in more play to keep their little hands and minds busy.  He will even play fun games with children in order to keep them involved and playing.

Due to his sensors and pressure points, Rumblin Chuck is often surprisingly aware of what’s going on.  When children roll him around he always has some sort of great quip available like “Let’s Kick Up Some Dirt!”, and if he’s picked up to be moved to a new location or for a quick cuddle, he loves to comment on it by saying “Serious Hang Time!”.  This adorable little electronic toy dump truck is certainly one great little toy, and it’s not much of a wonder that it’s captured the hearts and imaginations of young children everywhere.

The Tonka Interactive Rumblin Chuck is a well built and durable toy, made of high quality plastic to stand up to plenty of rough and tumble play by young hands.  For quiet play, Chuck’s volume can be easily turned off by parents, and children can still enjoy the fun movements and actions that chuck makes.  Rumblin Chuck even comes with a great picture story book about an adventure that Chuck and his other working vehicle friends get into together, and children will love having this story read to them along with their other favorites at bed time.

Rumblin Chuck is built for children aged three years old and up, and requires four “C” type batteries, which come included with the toy.  It’s a wonderful little toy for young children and is sure to provide them with lots of great fun.

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