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  1. Daniel Meyer says:

    Okay, these are AWESOME.

    And I never grew up…my Tonka toys just got a hell of a lot bigger!

  2. Chip butty time says:

    Brum brum beep beep

  3. Anthony Hayden says:

    “Theresa , what happened to this dollhouse ?”
    ” nothing. ”
    Every kid had to have used that one at least once!!!
    Priceless !!!

  4. kidfromtheseventies says:

    Real Tonka Toys for Real Tonka Boys.. TONKA!!
    Loved my Tonka Toys, would ride down the street on the Tonka Dump Truck.
    Broke all my toys as a kid including the Tonka’s….

  5. putosdegoggle meteteplusporelculo says:

    people who work at marketing for big corporations these days could learn
    something about these commercials

  6. EhSteve8690 says:

    Even when they rust, they’re still tough enough to take a sledgehammer.
    Personal experience with that.

  7. XXxCMAN98xXX says:

    My dad had no issue breaking them in the 80s the elefant couldnt break it
    but my dad could

  8. ApacheRose1961 says:

    my brothers would leave them out in the snow all winter playing with them
    and some would get burried under the Minnesota Winter blizzards. But every
    spring my dad wold oil them up and the worked.

  9. BigBagOfPus says:

    I came on YouTube tonight specifically looking for the Tonka commercial
    that fools you into thinking you’re looking at a factory’s production
    parking lot. I wasn’t expecting to actually find it. Wonderful. I loved
    that commercial as a kid.

  10. Ricky Davis says:

    funny everything make out of plastic nowofday

  11. brrrrtv says:

    I wanted the big dump truck great fot outside but I never got one.I never
    ownend any tonka toys.In do rememder the commercial with the elephant
    standing on the tonka truck.

  12. godzillafan101 says:

    when i was little i would ride in them

  13. bfdmickey says:

    I remember my tonka I got it when I was about5 and used it until I was8 and
    then gave it to my cousin who was 3 at the time. It has been 7 years there
    is only one tiny dent no kiddin

  14. dalekrueger says:

    @er3L i never did break my toys,just wore them out

  15. n1f1sniper says:

    at 2:33 i have that same fire truck he has tucked under his arm!

  16. absolutelytonedeaf says:

    i had my first tonka when i was thirty years old. I now own seventy

  17. Bob Mac says:

    I grew up in Mound and my mother worked for Tonka. It’s a shame like so
    many other manufacturing jobs they fled the country.

  18. Andrew Henry says:

    When my cousin passed away I ended up getting his Tonka Hook and Ladder,
    one of the hubcaps is missing, but other than that, it is in fine shape and
    will look nice when I clean it up.

  19. Cryocide13 says:

    Tonkas were great. I had the front loader, grader and dumptruck, and they
    lasted for years and I loved all the moving parts. Built to last back then.

  20. welder541 says:

    WOW, Tonka’s were the GREATEST!!! Wish they still made them like they did
    when i was a small boy. All PRESSED STEEL- NOT MUCH PLASTIC:):):):) My
    Grandson has a stable of them today, and loves to play with them just like
    i did. That parking lot commercial was great. Made in the USA.

  21. videodoe says:

    For each Xmas in the 70′s when my brother and I were little kids, he would
    get a brand new Tonka toy vehicle. They were so cool that I was almost as
    enthralled with them as I was with my girl toys. LOL! His Tonkas included a
    couple of dump trucks, fire engine, a Jeep-type vehicle w/ removable tires,
    and more. I finally even got my own pink Tonka “Jeep” w/ flowers on the
    canopy–perfect for my dolls and small stuffed animals to ride in. I loved
    that thing! Wish I still had it. It was so rugged!

  22. tomshiba51 says:

    The diabled VW commercial was astounding proof that Tonkas were made to be
    played with for a long, long time. I do remember the elephant standing on
    the toy. The original Tonkas could be broken, it just took lots of patience
    and dedication.

  23. gozapinya says:

    Yes I think I do remember that..

  24. ClipKultur says:

    They really had great commercials.

  25. tha1calldgeorgiep says:

    Mom: Teresa, what happened to your dollhouse? Teresa: Nothing. Mom: I’m
    going to get my switch. Teresa: MOMMY NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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