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Tonka Trucks Commercial from c.1980

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An old commercial for Tonka toy trucks.

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25 Responses to “Tonka Trucks Commercial from c.1980”

  1. areasevenpro says:

    If you smashed a Nokia 3310 against a Tonka truck, what would happen?

  2. alex3373 says:

    I used to have one and I used to throw it from the roof of my house, beat
    on it,kick it, just about anything to destroy it and it never broke
    jajaja!! what memories 🙂

  3. killerkowalczyk says:

    Its to bad they didnt show a clip of the Tonka truck a year later when it
    was rusted beyond recognition.

  4. kanjikevin says:

    @antthebear do u know how many children have fallen and gotten scared up on
    tonka trucks?? i for one am

  5. Kim Vlotman says:

    it was our generation who where privileged enough to play in an era of real
    tonka tuff. today we are that same generation who has reduced a once great
    tough toy into a mostly plastic design. feel bad for the new generation of
    tonka tough kids, hopefully they can bring back the tonka tuff one day.

  6. coltsuperocean10 says:

    Tonka Trucks Indistructable!! That was the jingle in the 70s!

  7. DJ4000VOLT says:

    i miss my tonka trucks and sand box 🙁 but now i have a real 4×4 tonka pick
    up and the desert in my back yard is my big boy sand box 🙂

  8. facebookprogrammer says:

    OMG that truck just got thrown down a fucking mountain and still looks
    pristine. That’s the era when I was a boy! Now, I have a boy who was born
    in 2001 and it’s all Made in China garbage. I spend 3X as much money and
    the thing is broken while still in the box. Just spent $300 bucks buying
    him his birthday stuff and it’s all made in China and each piece was broken
    and 2 of them were recalled because of poisons in the paint 🙁

  9. Jeffrey Davis says:

    Derek This was what it was about

  10. horuhe00 says:

    I’ve always remembered this commercial. It’s great! 😀


    He just lost his no claims bonus

  12. oakwoods55 says:

    I had that truck as a child and yes i broke it. my mum was going to send it
    back but i think she had second thoughts as she didn’t want to be the
    parent of the child who could brake tonka’s lol.

  13. liltina1988 says:

    Hey i just learned about this commercial today and had to check it out and
    what can i say wow but some how don’t belife it

  14. piterfloyd says:

    Mi tonka still alive !

  15. antthebear says:

    children falling on tonka trucks ??? wtf hahaha are you a girl ? its a
    construction toy men get hurt kids learn to be tough you pussy

  16. polecat987 says:

    I still have my 3 tonkas at home a lil rusty but they still work. too bad
    now all tonkas are plastic

  17. Pershingtank says:

    Someone’s been watching Duel. XD

  18. Eddie Mullett says:

    Duel sound effect?

  19. Faube AtWork says:

    Euclid R27 vs Tonka toy truck Tonka for the win… Euclid trucks are always
    broken xD

  20. SmellyToadProduction says:

    well. your straight.

  21. antthebear says:

    that truck is legendary !!!!!!!!!!

  22. bogart sisor says:

    i would like to buy one of your pedal car. please email me at
    dave_sisor@yahoo.com, please

  23. isaw43 says:

    hi, this is an old video of our stuff. the isaw43 account has been closed
    due to me leaving the store. however my old employer still sells on ebay
    and he still has all the things. Its ebay accnt hy-d812 or the eastcoastsky
    ebay store. thanks 🙂

  24. tarheeltoys says:

    nice video

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