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toys cars TONKA TRUCKS & CAR COLLECTION ”1950 ’60’70’80’90’ 2000”Vintage toy box part # 3

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8 Responses to “toys cars TONKA TRUCKS & CAR COLLECTION ”1950 ’60’70’80’90’ 2000”Vintage toy box part # 3”

  1. BERNARD SHORT says:

    I remember having one of these Tonka trucks when I was then a young boy in
    the late 70’s b,cuz I do remember playing with a cement truck which had a
    geenis yellow color to it & plus it had a crank along side its cylinder &
    it once had 6 wheels but it’s gone now but they still got this truck out
    but it has only $ wheels instead of the original 6 & plus it’s all yellow
    instead of the original greenish yellow color now.

  2. Tonka Greg says:

    Did you refurbish any of these trucks?

  3. jaime58ify says:

    Wow!!!! That’s a great collection!!! Must feel like heaven every time you
    walk into that room. I wish I still had my Tonkas from the 70’s.

  4. rrrrmagic says:

    yes some of them

  5. rrrrmagic says:

    lol good one

  6. rrrrmagic says:

    @1998ChevroletS10 i love the old tonka trucks will love for tthem to come
    out with the old look in 2011 !!!!!!! will love to see that

  7. Navdan87 says:

    Unless tonka starts making trucks with cell phone holsters, todays kids
    will never bother with them…

  8. rrrrmagic says:


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