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Transformers Constructicons Vintage Japanese Robot Toy

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I keep a few of my old robot toys on my desk and I thought you might like a look at them. The lime green one’s are the Transformers Constructicons. I wanted …

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25 Responses to “Transformers Constructicons Vintage Japanese Robot Toy”

  1. Sandra Teager says:

    Great collection! =)

  2. creamofcardstv says:

    I should imagine they are highly collectable now with the Transformer
    movies coming out.

  3. RamblinAround says:

    I would think they are more popular now.

  4. RamblinAround says:

    I think Omega Supreme is one of the most valuable of the Transformers too.

  5. alberto gorin says:

    let send to the terrorist with one snow blast

  6. Jim van der Kolk says:

    Ahh… the Constructicons. Construction’s thier name, destruction’s thier
    game. I can help with names. The excavator is called Scavenger, the dump
    truck is called Long Haul, the mixing truck is named Mixmaster, the front
    end loader is called Scrapper, the bulldozer is named Bonecrusher (you have
    mistransformed him a little) and the crane truck is named Hook.

  7. RamblinAround says:

    Thanks for all the extra information, I appreciate it!

  8. Graham Dillon says:

    My dad had saved some old toys of his. They were my favorite toy games of
    all time. He had this old matchbox car set with tracks that would go
    through a house and shoot out. Another one which was my all time favorite
    was his toy mini army men from WWII. I always want to go on a quest to see
    if they make anything like it today but they most likely don’t. They were
    so small yet very well detailed and probably made in the US.

  9. TheLightHouseLady says:

    Cool transformers!

  10. shartne says:

    i want to see all the transformers put together to see the giant bot.

  11. alberto gorin says:

    can t help you.we have big fat layer of snow

  12. RamblinAround says:

    I picture you rebuilding Maytag’s as a toddler 🙂

  13. RamblinAround says:

    That’s a good idea, that’s probably what I’ll have to do.

  14. SneekySnakeOO says:

    i love these types of videos you do, would like to see more.

  15. RamblinAround says:

    Thanks for checking them out!

  16. paradoxdesigns says:

    you were a lucky kid! I ended up getting Go-Bots! 🙁

  17. creamofcardstv says:

    You could try Google translator but the characters might be a bit tricky:D

  18. XXXtremercracing . says:

    you should try rc trucks look up traxxas.com and look at there toys they
    have a car that goes 100 mph not scale speed it will set you back 1100
    bucks but they have it

  19. NogueiraRJ77 says:

    very nice..! i remember my time kids…haha

  20. 4ft3rw1t says:

    The mystery robot is a Shogun Warrior named Poseidon. Shogun Warriors are
    very cool.

  21. RamblinAround says:

    I saved a lot of my toys for my son. Unfortunately, he destroyed quite a
    few of them. I had a huge collection of hot wheels and matchbox cars…and
    he would drop bricks on them and hit them with hammers. I guess he liked to
    see car crashes. He wasn’t too gentle with my GI Joe’s either.

  22. Greg's Garage says:

    HAHA. Good memories. Glad to see you still have them in good shape.

  23. pharoahakai says:

    Nice! I used to have these. My favorite is Omega Supreme. He was a
    transformer that turned into a base and he was HUGE! I might have to cruise
    eBay. lol

  24. RamblinAround says:

    Thanks for watching.

  25. RamblinAround says:

    I remember that one, but we never had any of the toys.

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