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Here’s a look at my loose vintage Transformers from my childhood. SMU Toys eBay – stores.ebay.com/smutoystore SMU Toys Facebook – facebook.com/smutoys SMU To…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Emma Kettles says:

    Is hotspot the leader

  2. Emilia Wojciechowska says:


  3. Toy Polloi says:

    Nice review. This was the very first full set of transformers I got as a

  4. Blade says:

    Hot Spot was my first Transformer I had in life.

    Nice video.

  5. o DarthVader says:

    I have the blue one 

  6. Jason Vaillancourt says:

    OMG dude I bought those at Florida when I was 4 and lost them

  7. timmy boardwine says:

    The arms r turned around, but I don’t care

  8. spaceorbison says:

    they look so cheap compared to Jazz and Prowl

  9. Joseph Masias says:


  10. Muhd Syamil says:

    Do they still sell all classic transformer toys.

  11. OnlyTheGodlySurvive says:

    Mitch you rock

  12. PrinceTrunks26 says:

    Blades is the right arm, First Aid is the left arm Mitch so you made a
    small error.

  13. Alex Farley says:

    Mitch you are so awesome I want all the transformers toys you have.
    And peaple they still sell those toys at malls

  14. Damián Rivero says:


  15. nataki nurse says:

    I love tranformers G1 defensor so much it’s my favorite combiner
    tranformers my favorite is blades from the protectobots crazy you might
    think but I love it I am still trying to get the G1 version of him but soon
    I will get him one day

  16. Christopher Riviears says:


  17. VirussRuss says:

    LOL will be nice to see this big guy on a new version of transformers but
    with the vintage look like the generations ones or some of the reveal the

  18. Graeme Pryce says:

    Why would you thumbs down a TF review? lol some odd people out there eh?

  19. playabilitybunnies says:

    Hot Spot.

  20. markhernandez593 says:

    Awesome! !

  21. Reina Watt says:

    I remember having this entire set and loved it, they were the first
    complete combiner set I ever had until years later. I wish I hadn’t given
    them away back in the 90s. Would be nice to see them return with a
    Generations remake and be able to combine as long as it’s made well.

  22. lucas taurins says:

    i loved ur review but whats a wazoo

  23. Rodimus Prime says:

    you are right, but I am a combaticon fan and a protectobot fan too!!!

  24. martin guevarra says:

    Blades vs vortex

  25. Brian Avila says:


  26. okwarlok says:

    Yeah cuz. I see. Man I kinda thought that he was gonna become a main
    character for a little while. Wasn’t they kinda giving Astro train a push
    back when he first appeared? If they were it ain’t work! lol He bout as
    obscure as the Junk ions! lol Did I spell dat right?

  27. Warmachine Vengeance says:

    Beastie Boys?? U must’ve been one of tose weird cool kids. While my young
    sheeple ass would’ve had written Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer or some such crappy

  28. usnav2424 says:

    Didn’t think I would ever see a transformer jr. Agayour smaller

  29. TheRedFish18 says:

    Nice collection some cool transformers.

  30. okwarlok says:

    Yo Diesel. Astrotrain? I haven’t heard that name in a couple of decades!
    I’d completely forgot about him.

  31. rerhyme says:

    YAY! Blitzwing, pPunch/Counterpunch, Astrotrain, SQUAWKBOX O_O ….. might
    nab one if I was near your place =P

  32. Star Wars Live says:

    Soundwave (Gōkin, 1986) Japanese ID number: 17 Accessories: Cassette,
    launcher, 2 missiles Released during the early portion of the Transform Jr
    toyline when it was still going by the short lived “Transform Gōkin” name,
    Jr Soundwave is a smaller, simplified version of the original Generation 1
    toy, lacking many stickers and paint applications, as well as the larger
    figure’s retractable fists and the spring-activated release for his chest

  33. Terryfan says:

    Hard to think the Transformers is turning 29 this year

  34. TransformerReviews1 says:

    Can i have your soundwave?! and thats amazing dude! You got to let me know
    if you ever have any transformers up for sale/trade!

  35. james strickland says:

    Nice collection

  36. Darth CEJ Reviews says:

    @smutoys Yeah I never found MP Prime either, really wish I did. I doubt
    I’ll find him either, but I did find MP Thundercracker. So I may have a
    chance, if just a slim one.

  37. pokemonlegoboy8 says:

    g1 =the bbbbbbeeeeeeeeessssssssstttttt!!!!

  38. Terryfan says:

    Sweet G1 figures man got to love the classics

  39. 1zombiestomp says:

    Man i love when u do these vids ! Make s me think about the toys from my
    childhood as well ? We must have had similar parents cuz lookn back i had
    all the same stuff you did . We were very fortunate lol!!! And watchn these
    reminds me i need to go to my moms attic i think my dad stored all my toys
    up there ?

  40. BrickSaga says:

    I never knew transformers were so old. Get collection

  41. Darth CEJ Reviews says:

    Nice collection, those are awesome. As much as these are cool I am happy
    with how transformers toys have progressed and what they have become today.
    This year looks very promising for transformers.

  42. Darth CEJ Reviews says:

    @smutoys Oh yeah, in excited for the triple changers too, as well as Titan
    class metroplex, the hasbro release MP Soundwave, voyager shockwave from TF
    Prime, and deluxe class Orion Pax.

  43. TransformerReviews1 says:

    Awww….. lol its cool, always worth a try right?

  44. aliasangelalias says:

    counterpunch 🙂

  45. TFanPage101 says:

    I must find

  46. usnav2424 says:

    Sorry, your smaller soundwave

  47. blackdragon0900 says:

    why did you desub me?

  48. TFanPage101 says:

    My nerdiness is through the roof I want more G1 man including Devestator,
    nice man

  49. skabcat242 says:

    Wow. I remember back in the late 80s and early 90s, from 1988-1992 I used
    to find G1 Transformers at yard sales. There are some hardcore Transformer
    collectors in my town and they spend some serious bank on this stuff.

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