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Transformers Leader Optimus Prime – A Top Notch Toy For Boys

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Transformers Leader Optimus Prime – A Top Notch Toy For Boys


Toys have certainly come a long way from what they were before. Far from being kid’s stuff, today’s toys now boast a level of aesthetics and technical ingenuity one would not have thought possible at such a small scale. If the sheer elegance of Transformers Leader Optimus Prime will not convince you of this, then you are hard to satisfy. 
Toy collectors are a very special breed of fanatics. Many children have experienced the joy and the thrill of getting new toys, and then letting their imaginations run wild during playtime. Most children would quickly get tired of their toy; once the novelty wears, they would want another one. Toy collectors, however, started out as children who develop an attachment to their toys and then never let them go. This can be due to any number of reasons, whether it is out of a sense of nostalgia or innocence. It can also be out of an undying childlike awe over the cult-like status of a certain brand. Toys like Barbie, GI Joe and My Little Pony are all examples of toys that have achieved such a famous status among little boys and girls.
Very few toy collectors today demonstrate the same level of passion to their quarry as fans of the long-running Transformers toy line. A top-selling property of Hasbro as early as the eighties, Transformers is built around a surprisingly extensive mythology of characters waging an endless war between good and evil. The characters consist mainly of race of alien robots capable of transforming into different vehicles like cars, helicopters and army tanks – hence the name, “Transformers”.  
Over time, Transformers toys quickly captured the imagination of boys of all ages. These alien robots were divided into two factions: the peace-loving Autobots and the evil Decepticons. For over twenty years, diehard Transformers fans debated over which side was stronger, more interesting or had more impressive characters. 
Today, one of the hottest toys sought after by children and collectors alike is the Transformers Leader Optimus Prime action figure. Leader Class Optimus Prime was a part of the waves of toys released in the wake of the hotly-anticipated Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen film. The toy is a formidable representation of the character of Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots and virtually the figurehead of the Transformers line itself. 
The Transformers Leader Optimus Prime toy itself is a remarkable feat of engineering, which may be unheard of for an ordinary toy, but is quite typical for a Transformers action figure. The execution of Optimus Prime’s transformation from truck to robot alone can be considered a dizzying achievement in itself. This along with the toy’s other intricate features such as its retractable plastic blades, semi-realistic sounds and flashing lights elevates Leader Class Optimus Prime from simple plastic to highly-sophisticated design.

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