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Transformers Movie Toys – Blackout Action Figure

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Transformers Movie Toys – Blackout Action Figure

The first Transformers movie took a lot of fans by surprise with its re-imagining of established Tranformers characters that many fans had grown up with for many years. The choice of Transformers characters that showed up in the movie was a bit erratic, especially on the part of the Decepticons.

While the Autobots were immediately recognizable, the Decepticons featured some lesser known characters, such as Blackout. Blackout was the first Transformer audiences got a look at during the start of the movie, and the character looked immense on screen. The Transformers Blackout toy was released along with the film, and here’s a look at that toy.

Transformers toys have long since been known for the ingenuity of their design, but due to the level of complexity shown in each robot in the movie, Hasbro had to simplify the design of the toys a little.

The main difference between the onscreen Blackout and the toy version is that the toy is missing the arm mounted guns, but this is made up for with shoulder mounted missiles. The figure looks immense when you check out the Voyager Class figure. This one comes boxed in a window display package and has a great level of detail despite the limitations of the design.

The helicopter mode of this Transformers Blackout toy is pretty much what you se on the screen in the movie itself, and the makers have done what they could to ensure the robot looked as close to the CG model as it could.

The outcome is about as good as it gets with action figures. Blackout is easy to transform and features a small Scorponok figure that can be stored in Blackout when in vehicle mode. A small version of the Blackout figure was also released alongside this one, but this 3 inch version features only limited detail and a very simple transformation cycle.

On the Voyager Class Transformers Blackout figure, you are able to remove the helicopter blades and attach them to Blackout’s arm as a weapon, as seen in the movie itself!

Much like the rest of the Transformers movie toys, the Blackout figure is a good quality approximation of the character it is based on, and does look fantastic even though it isn’t 100 percent the likeness from the films.

Andrew is a widely read popular culture blogger and music journalist in print and online. A fan of Transformers since 1984, he’s here to help you learn more about the Transformers toys and characters and their place in the overall Transformers story.

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