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12 Responses to “Vintage 1974 Fisher-Price Little People Play Family Castle Playset #993”

  1. Bonnie Speeg says:

    Missing is the dining table and four chairs, a bed, the queen/mom figure
    and the harness for the brown horse that pulled the coach. There was no
    ‘rear’ flag…just the one shown here. The ’74 set had red royal beds and
    thrones, the ’75 had yellow. Slight difference only. 

  2. Tim McKee says:

    hey I have that, only the castle is in bad shape and the figures are gone,
    still had fund with it

  3. kim smith says:

    Funny story about it this toy. My sister ticked me off one day so as a joke
    I took one of her Barbie’s and stuck it head down in the trap door on top
    and took a Polaroid pic and left a silly ransom note on the refrigerator.
    She came home from school seen the note as mom and I were laughing she went
    to see Barbie with her legs sticking out of the top of it and pulled her by
    the legs and her head popped off. (Barbie’s not my sisters) That’s when mom
    and I really started laughing. lol

  4. LuckyPennyShop.com says:

    I wonder if she sees it differently 🙂 still a funny story…

  5. LuckyPennyShop.com says:

    We are all still kids! I have more fun playing with toys then paying the
    bills 🙂

  6. LuckyPennyShop.com says:

    This was not 100% complete – Since we buy and sell a lot of items, we have
    to make the videos so people see what is included.

  7. LuckyPennyShop.com says:

    Original toy owner! welcome… That is cool you had it as a kid… I have
    to settle with making the video – still fun to learn about.

  8. Jenelle Dozier says:

    I had this castle as a kid. I loved it!! It was one of my favorite toys.

  9. Anynom says:

    Still have this!

  10. goldhunterweed says:

    Lol u bring me back to when i was a kid

  11. Richard Fuller says:

    Did i miss them? there’s supposed to be two single beds and a table. Oops
    and you’re missing the queen and the harness that attaches to the chariot.

  12. Richard Fuller says:

    Had the castle, got all the pieces, tho the two little chairs are a
    different color,yellow instead of the dark red, but got a third yellow
    throne in the process. I originally had a wooden queen, I thnk she is
    plastic now. Missing is the flag on that back tower. I was playing with it
    sitting on the table and stuck myself in the eye with it. Haha!

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