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I love how this commercial features all of the classic Fisher Price Toys, some of which are still made today. 🙂

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  1. gbrdaisy says:

    That music is great! Had the xylophone and phone in the ad. Just think,
    most little kids today have never seen a rotary dial phone.

  2. Otaku Railfan says:

    i have the fisher price circus train, one of my very first trains

  3. kate66061 says:

    i had that phone. evrybody had tht phone……

  4. John W Landry says:

    I had the xylophone and telephone during my childhood.As a mtter of fact,i
    drove my late Grandma landry half crazy with the phone,getting her to shout
    in it at people I didn’t like.Mom reminded me of that for many years.LOL

  5. vardiss22 says:

    Fisher Price and Tonka….probably the only two toy makers that almost all
    kids in 70’s had at LEAST one of their products sometimes during their

  6. Brandon Reina says:

    not counting stylin’ studio and other fisher-price electronic toys
    (incldung wishful daisy, digi-makeover, famps and im-me) made just for
    girls manufactured by girl tech.

  7. kll510 says:

    @johnlovesbridge so true. I had every one of the toys in this commercial
    and remembered them as soon as I saw them again. FP toys were my life back

  8. neoconsnightmare3 says:

    I remember this commercial. Hard to believe that the kids in the video are
    likely pushing 35-40. That music is what I remember the most.

  9. Kaisa Eila says:

    i had every one of those toys…and LOVED them to death…and i was born in
    95 :s

  10. TnseWlms says:

    The telephone at 0:28 is a Chatter Telephone. But when I was a kid, for
    years I misread that as “Charter Telephone” and couldn’t figure out why.
    Maybe because it was on wheels, like a chartered bus.

  11. BobandJaden says:

    Is it sad my daycare had these??????

  12. Sheri451 says:

    I had the telephone, the television, the dog, and the corn popper when I
    was little. I had a clock too that played a song about an old clock that
    stopped when the old man died. My Mom sang me the song.

  13. Simon Mikolajczyk says:

    @MattBL the telephone was also in toy story 3 he was voiced by teddy newton

  14. monny287 says:

    My grandparents kept all of their children’s toys from the 1960’s and
    1970’s for us grandkids to play with. The corn popper was (until recently)
    the most coveted toy between my baby sister and baby cousin. We also have
    that phone and the xylephone along with a set of old Little People busses
    and passengers that the kids love. 🙂

  15. shmince says:

    I have some of those and I wasn’t born close to the 70s

  16. Dargoth Raatne says:

    the VHS tracking makes this video creepy for a twisted mind

  17. mariomanningfan says:

    ah the phone!! i want mine back!

  18. spongebobcrazy123 says:

    thank god for fisher price! it keeps all the kids i babysit occupied for
    hours! 🙂

  19. JudgeMarmianWiZard says:

    Yes i used to drag that phone all over the place on roads , thrown out the
    window. Those toys were TOUGH

  20. mraiwa1000 says:

    With the wierd VHS tape it makes it sound like the guy is going to die
    after you playing this hundreds of times!

  21. Shelley Wong says:

    I still have the phone. And now my son plays with it. 🙂

  22. FiendsInRedSatin1 says:

    I had so many of these way back when. The ball popper at 0:19 is about the
    most evil thing you can get if you don’t like a kid’s parents. (The popping
    will drive them absolutely crazy.)

  23. simdude2u says:

    OMG!! My grandparents still have all those toys!

  24. Dark Matter says:

    I had them all, and the frog! I had forgotten about the frog! Wow, memories.

  25. lilgiggler35 says:

    i had several of these toys as a little girl, what i liked about the
    original fisher price toys was you really couldnt destroy them. i’ve worked
    in day care centers that have old sixties versions of theses and they are
    still perfectly playable.

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