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Vintage Batman Toys

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Vintage Batman Toys

Toy producing companies have always been attracted to batman because the comics, television shows and movies have always shown batman with many different tools, gadgets and rides. They have always shown a fondness to him dating back to his original beginnings in 1938. The following are some of the more famous vintage batman toys that are still been collected today. There are highly sought after and prized, as well as the fact that they’re worth a considerable amount of money.

The Batman Water Gun (1960s) – the gun was created in a more innocent time and its release date coincided with Batman’s television beginnings. Collectors of vintage batman toys like this item for its kitsch appeal.

Bump-N-Go Batmobile – The world famous batmobile is battery operated. It is highly sought after for its display appeal and is a favorite among vintage batman toy collectors

The Batman Bicycle Ornament – This was released in 1966. It’s a hollow piece of plastic made in the figure of batman that was intended to be clamped around the bars of a bike. This item is very difficult to for collectors to find. And is a favorite at that.

The Batman Ray Gun (Japanese version) – This was a tin ray gun lettered with Japanese writing; this in itself has made it extremely sought after. It’s one of the most famous vintage batman toys around. The Japanese love batman and this vintage toy is representative of that! Japan has a huge sub culture devoted to Batman; it could be nearly said that it’s bigger than the whole batman craze in the United States.

Batman utility Belt Play Set – Produced and sold in 1966 this item is extremely sought after and extremely expensive. Last year one was sold at auction for $ 16,000 (mint condition) and this highlights the above facts. It’s called by vintage batman toy collectors as a “museum piece” – the price tag shows why!

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