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Vintage Clothing Auction

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Vintage Clothing Auction

Attending a vintage clothing auction is the best way to find fine vintage textiles. When you attend a vintage clothing auction, you can find fashionable retro designs for a fraction of the cost of retail. Here are a few benefits you get when you buy clothing from a mid-range vintage collectable sale.

Advantages of attending a vintage clothing auction

When you attend a mid-range collectable sale you get the following benefits:

High Quality Fashions: Many people don’t realise that the clothing found in vintage auctions is neither low quality, out of style nor unwearable. In fact you can find desirable fashion that is selected and sorted from ordinary old clothes in the sales. There are centres that hold regular auctions of textiles including vintage garments and accessories, linens, textile drapes, curtains and shawls. You can also sell your own old yet valuable clothes in such sales.

Large Selection: You can find a large collection of fashion from the glorious past at these sales. Most vintage clothing auction centres have websites and by skimming through their catalogue, you will get an idea of what sort of items they have for auction. Embroideries, costumes or textiles, you can find an assortment of fine old cloths that resonate with the memories of a classic age. You can also find authentic vintage accessories to complete your outfits.

Low Prices

The collectables generally come at a lower price. Normally auctioning begins at a significantly lower cost and goes up incrementally according to the demand for the style. Most of the time, you will be able to get high quality textiles and vintage clothing for lesser prices.

By skimming through the catalogues, you can get an idea about the condition of the textiles you are planning to buy. Here are a few terms that a specialised site uses to classify the condition of vintage items:

Mint: An item described as being in mint condition is perfect, as it was when it was originally made, and shows no sign of wear (mint condition is rare for vintage clothing).

Near mint: This means that an item shows only the slightest signs of wear.

Excellent: An item shows typical signs of wear due to occasional use.

Very good: The item is wearable but has some surface flaws. (For example, staining or soiling).

Good: The item is wearable but cannot be returned to excellent condition even if repairs are made.

Keep these facts in mind and get yourself a valuable vintage clothing.


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