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Vintage Collectibles – Where To Buy And Why Buying Vintage Is Important

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Vintage Collectibles – Where To Buy And Why Buying Vintage Is Important

Finding vintage collectibles and items is always fun and challenging. Whether you do it online or like to visit thrift stores and antique shops. Did you know that purchasing a vintage or antique item does more than just add to your collection? It helps save the environment!

If you are reading this article you are a person who loves to collect vintage or wants to know how and where to collect. Since I was young I have enjoyed finding old items that others view as trash. It took many years for me to realize that the United States of America, once a manufacturing giant, has now become a wasteful consumer of imported items. We buy new over and over because most imported items are very low in quality. They then break and we buy imports again. It is a cycle that fills our landfills at an alarming rate and makes other countries very rich. This is where all the vintage and antique collectors of America come in. When you are looking to add to your collection or buy a gift for any occasion you need to buy vintage. This will allow items with a storied past to live again and keep the landfills of America empty of good old USA manufactured items. Vintage collectibles throughout America will be cheering!

First take a look at the internet and shop around the many sites that stock vintage items. One of the best sites for quality vintage items is etsy.com. This site has owners who give incredible customer service and are truly passionate about finding vintage and antique items a new home. This site will give you a feeling of family and is very informative about all things vintage. If you are like me I also enjoy visiting all the local thrift stores. Next time you visit your local thrift store look at the stock and imagine where it would be without you making a purchase. You guessed it, in the landfill.

Now I have left the best place to shop for vintage items last. Yes it is garage sales. Everybody across America has had one and with today’s economy they are more popular than every. The key is to only visit the sales in neighborhoods with older homes and residents. If you visit the newer neighborhoods all you will find is baby toys and clothes. Knowing the older neighborhoods may take a little trial and error but after a couple of Saturdays driving to sales you will be a pro. Be sure to take plenty of cash and haggle for the best prices. Most sellers want the stuff gone so I always like to bundle lots of vintage items together and ask for a quantity discount. Sometimes I can even score free vintage items.

If you love vintage and antique collectibles then you know that it is all about exploring all the different venues to find that special item. Good luck!

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