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Vintage Glass Pitchers

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Vintage Glass Pitchers

Glass pitchers made of Depression glass date back to the 1920s from the United States of America. They are usually very cheap and easily accessible. They were used in ancient times as incentives to buy other products like petrol. As opposed to hand-blown glass, this variety is usually developed through a system that involves compressing glass slabs with machines into molds. Depression glass comes in distinctive colors that include different shades of amber, pink and green. Major manufacturers of such glass include Hazel Atlas, Jeannette, Anchor Hocking, MacBeth-Evans, and Federal.

In recent times, such pitchers are highly valued and sought after by antique collectors. They are quite highly priced and are a rare find. Vintage glass pitchers come in different patterns. There are around thousand three hundred different patterns that are available and they are made in hundreds of different forms. While some collectors focus on collecting different patterns of vintage glass pitchers, other focus on collecting different forms and colors of the same pattern of pitchers. There are many permutations and combinations of collectibles that make collectors proud!

Traditionally, glass pitchers were famous among farmers, ministers and merchants as beautiful looking beverage containers. Vintage pitchers were more table decoration than just liquid containers. They were a symbol of status once they became commercially exchanged. Landowners who were competitors to one another, usually held high-level parties to display their collection of pitchers. The tradition continues except the protagonist is the antique item collector in recent times.

Vintage glass pitchers are considered highly difficult to manufacture in earlier days as the buildings used to catch fire during the production process.

Hence, there are not many items available in the market. This makes them even more valuable and alluring to collectors. Many big auction houses have exclusive shows for vintage glass pictures and other dinnerware.

Future collectors will also naturally find such decorative pitchers irresistible. Glass pitchers seldom lose their brilliance and charm as gift items and vintage glass make for valuable and precious gifts. Since they are available in all shapes, sizes and colors, they suit the preferences of a wide variation of collectors irrespective of their place of origin, age or occupation.

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