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Vintage Guitars

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Vintage Guitars

In general, the ‘golden era’ for these musical instruments are pre- WWII guitars. However, in many cases guitars from the 1930’s and up through the 1950’s and 60’s can be collectible.   Why to buy a vintage guitar instead of new one   Whether you are searching a guitar you can play, or for a guitar that will earn you a profit, always is a good idea to purchase a vintage guitar instead of a new guitar. This is because of the level of craftsmanship that defines guitars of the vintage era, their premium quality of sound, the history and fame many vintage guitars have collected, and due to their investment value. Most new guitars will not appreciate considerably in value, since modern, which computer process makes them easy to duplicate. Even so, it can take up to 25 years before your new guitar start earning you money.   What you have to know before to buy a vintage guitar  


1. Make a research – be sure that you know what you are buying.  

Unfortunately, there are many fakes circulating in the guitar world. Sometimes, even an expert would find it difficult to tell the difference between the original guitar and the fake one. Therefore, it is always a good idea to conduct a background check. Is their any documentation from the time the vintage guitar was bought? Does the owner or dealer appear trustworthy? Are there photographs documenting the vintage guitar’s playing history? It is good to buy your vintage guitar from a reputable dealer.  

2. You have to be sure that the guitar has original parts, and hardware, and that it hasn’t been refinished.  

Vintage dealers have often been accused of replacing hardware with non-original equivalents. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask for detailed pictures of pickups and associated electronics before making any purchase. There are a lot of books, websites and forums that deal specifically with this issue.  



3. Make sure you are not overpaying  

If you are looking for such a guitar, it is a good idea to be patient. That is, don’t go out and take the first vintage guitar that you fall for. Some dealers just overprice in the hopes that naive customers will pay without knowing what the difference is. Look in forums, compare on eBay, search listings, and look through books of vintage guitar values. It is good to know what much buyers would pay for a specific guitar, models and wood types, and what the vintage guitar is worth in various conditions.  

4. Don’t mistake re-issues for originals  

Some major manufacturers, such as Gibson, Fender, Martin, Rickenbacker and Taylor, produce limited-edition models and re-issues. But, unfortunately such re-issued guitars are not as the original one.  

5. Before buying think about the maintenance and insurance.  

If you look at the guitar as an investment this is very important. The most important is the condition, so the right storage is vital for your vintage guitar. Also, finding replacement parts for certain vintage guitars is sometimes very difficult. If you are planning on playing your guitar, make sure it is still possible to replace worn-out or broken parts.  

6. Evaluate your options based on their condition, originality, demand, and rarity.  

Condition – as with any collectible, condition is vital for vintage guitars. Vintage guitars that are in mint, or excellent, condition, are always worth more than instruments in a lesser condition.  

Originality – modifications, replaced parts, repairs, refinishes, etc., will decrease the value of a vintage guitar. A worn-up guitar, with an original finish, will always be worth more than a perfectly refinished guitar.  

Demand – if the vintage guitar has limited popularity, it will appeal to a more limited market, and not make a good investment. Vintage guitars that are associated with a particular musician, sound, time-period, or cultural movement, are often higher in popularity and in greater demand.  

Rarity – in some cases, demand for a vintage guitar can be associated with its rarity. How many of them are there? Is the vintage guitar part of a limited series?   Where to find vintage guitars  

If you have decided to purchase vintage guitars, you can try to visit your local guitar shops. Here you can see and feel the guitars before buying. However, guitar shops ultimately suffer from limited selection. You can also go online, where you will find an almost endless selection of vintage guitars. However, before buying anything it is important that you make sure you are dealing with a trustworthy dealer.



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