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39 Responses to “vintage star wars toys cregs list pick ups/unboxing”

  1. Solo Gals says:


  2. william anderson my alias says:

    I will be posting them on the Stockton CA craigslist within a few days.

  3. william anderson my alias says:

    repro labels on ebay-I think it’s bluesnagman

  4. william anderson my alias says:

    were r u located? I have some vintage star wars for sale…

  5. william anderson my alias says:

    When you said,you would make copies of the AT-AT sticker sheet,I remembered
    there are ebay sellers who sell the repro labels for all the ship &

  6. Mike G says:

    definitley would not open that, very nice pick ups

  7. sp says:

    So what did you pay 🙂

  8. Cody Phillips says:

    great idea i really do need to protect them some how thanks for the support

  9. sp says:

    Fantastic deal always nice to see a collector score a great deal congrats

  10. starwarsnut77 says:

    Wow amazing pickup man! I’m so jealous right now. LOL. They all look like
    they’re in good shape too. Hmm…probably worth $800-$1,000+ for all four

  11. Cody Phillips says:

    i paid 450$ for every thing

  12. AlphaTrion95 says:

    I remember the reissue y wings have really weak landing gear. Great finds

  13. swordskillet says:

    Cool stuff! Quite the find! I would put the value on those vehicles at
    $500- $700 depending on where you are selling it and to whom. Well done!
    The Interceptor might be worth getting graded, if for nothing else to
    protect the box and grading will generally mean you can get more money for
    it if you are looking to sell.

  14. Cody Phillips says:

    wow thanks for watching man i’m a big fan of your channel’s. thanks for the

  15. Solo Gals says:

    Your review is an insult to vintage figures.

  16. Cyrrus71 says:

    I like this retro figures, nice vintage collection :)

  17. Solo Gals says:

    Those capes and sabres may be repro’s.

  18. B C says:

    Looking minty minty fresh there!!

  19. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    Star Wars™ Vintage Toys 1978 & 1984 Kenner The Full collection

  20. skabcat242 says:

    I have some of those which i found at a thrift store. Those are some of the
    nicest looking figures i have seen from the vintage collection.

  21. FANSOLO says:

    Nice vintage collection. Great video.

  22. Maestro Psicodélico says:

    dude they all look brand new that’s awesome!….I like prune face don’t
    know why but I do, I got a biker Scout and somehow he turned yellow, pissed
    me off royally I ended up kicking my cat over it

  23. Green Power Farm says:

    nice dude ! hang on to them….they are worth alot !

  24. zombiekillahsuks says:


  25. Bro3her says:

    Awesome collection my friend 🙂

  26. King Kong says:

    That’s so cool!

  27. Jedi Sith says:

    Nice vids !

  28. The Shwayster says:


  29. mkmfilms2009 says:

    Great video!

  30. VWTOYS says:

    Really cool collection mach 😀 Don´t trade 😀

  31. ras2010able says:

    Awesome video for the reason that it brings back memories when I held 50 %
    of those figures at one time in my life. Today, I still own some of those
    figures but sadly no accessories for them.

  32. aliasangelalias says:

    I feel your pain in making this video but… it is sooo rewarding after it
    is done and the world is checking out your collection of retro figures. You
    got way too many hobbies and making videos too. I’m not sure how you find
    the time to make money at work/job haha Anyway, be sure to pickup the Star
    Wars The Ultimate Action Figure Collection Guide, you won’t regret it. 🙂

  33. TheBudgetJedi says:

    Man this is sooo sweet. crazy that they are mostly complete wow. That
    snowtrooper is a classic! thanks for sharing

  34. sparkhero66 says:


  35. waffleninja276 says:

    U said that it was obi wan when it was cansouler palpatine(first year)

  36. Bobafett316 says:

    That was great! You got basically every name correct except for the ewok
    who is the tallest which you called chief chirrpa but he’s actually logray.
    But still really great! Very nice collection I have alot of vintage figures
    too. You have some I don’t have and I have a couple that your missing but
    still. I would really love to have that amanaman because I’ve been
    searching for one for years! Anyway I would love to see more videos like
    this in the future, awesome job!

  37. valosweet666 says:

    Thanks for sharing! You grew up in the golden era of toys 😛

  38. aliasangelalias says:

    oh my… this video takes a lot of time to make I bet. 🙂 Thanks for
    sharing your mint condition vintage/retro figures! 🙂 Say did you get the
    Star Wars The Ultimate Action Figure Collection Guide yet? That’s a must
    have book for any SW collector.

  39. bumpme says:

    I will trade you my whole porno collection from 1985 till now for that.
    Includes first appearance Jenna Jameson and etc.

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