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Vintage Star Wars Toys & Royal Guard Cosplay : BarnaVlog 17

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25 Responses to “Vintage Star Wars Toys & Royal Guard Cosplay : BarnaVlog 17”

  1. quotidianlight says:

    Poor Chris, you didn’t even hit him hard lmao

  2. Theseriousbeatle says:

    you’re the successor to pickleboy :P

  3. dev70194 says:

    The guy you called a nerd Kiel he’s about to punch you in the face

  4. Liquid Squid says:

    God I love your vlogs wish I had a camera like yours to upload my vlogs 

  5. XxEDscout4xX says:

    Un box them all in 1 video

  6. dildosurfer1 says:

    YYEEEEE$SSSSS!!! Oh glorious sensei Barnacules, the stargasm this vid.
    induced was brilliant! Inspired me to give all my old unboxed figurines to
    my 2yr. old son. Finally I will get to touch them, and watch my boy freak
    out over a couple hundred toys!! Keep up the awesome work Barn!

  7. mrfordfairmont says:

    nice punch do it more…

  8. Ron Moes says:

    So how is the losing weight going? I didn’t believe it when I saw you
    eating a burger.. I’m on a weight-loss for myself too not as drastically as
    you but a few pounds, I can make it before summer. I do this by walking for
    a hour, not running, but walking daily. That will lose me.. 600 calories
    and I just eat normally like 2600 calories. Succes barney, I like your
    channel and your show! Gr Ron 

  9. pam2125 says:

    i dont even want to google search “v bag” only god knows what will pop up

  10. HelloimHam says:

    Where can I get one of those star wars hoodies?

  11. Toby Ambrose says:

    he called the white cp3o r2d2 lol

  12. 2025NUKED2.0 says:

    when are you going to do more 3d printing cus they are awesomeeeeee u r

  13. Lane Scroggin says:

    11:28 that is a white C3P0 NOT R2D2!!!!!!

  14. fo shizzle says:

    Duuuuuude……. 11:24 did you just say what I think you said? 

  15. Alonso Quintero says:

    Things the goverment don’t want you to know.
    1.- Data collection and internet surveillance.
    2.- Who killed JFK.
    3.- What are the Mc’nuggets made of.
    4.- What does Jerry’s wife look like.

  16. 782mcfee says:

    Did you just call c3po r2d2???

  17. Barnacules Nerdgasm says:

    BarnaVlog 17 – Collecting Star Wars & I’m a Royal Guard

  18. Conor Hyslop says:

    That is not an R2D2. It’s a c3p0

  19. Korey Miller says:

    im such a nerd.. i wont watch you open those haha going to make me cringe

  20. That guy commenting says:

    Hey Jerry what do you use to edit your videos? 

  21. Jeff Norris says:

    More StarWars items at my Dad’s house BarnaVlog 17 – Star Wars Toys & Royal
    Guard I am
    +Chris Pirillo +Barnacules Nerdgasm 

  22. MrJohnnyonfire979 says:

    everyone should watch this in 0.5 seconds

  23. Stanrijo says:

    How much money do you make at Microsoft??

  24. fightingfalconfan says:

    Been addicted to Star Wars The Clone wars lately…

  25. Rene Barba says:

    There’s some serious vlogception going on!

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