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Vintage Tonka Structo Nylint Tru Sale Toy Haul Yard Sale Pickups Finds

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My wife gave me the look of death when I pulled in the driveway for this sale. Turned out to be worth it though. 🙂 Nice for a weekend where I only bought fr…

Vintage 1976 19inch Tonka Van RARE Pressed steel.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Vintage Tonka Structo Nylint Tru Sale Toy Haul Yard Sale Pickups Finds”

  1. abigail glennen says:

    1965 Tonka

  2. Giovanni uminique says:


  3. trinketgobblin says:

    the Detroit post card is sweet

  4. SuperMommy227 says:

    That same doll is on Shop Goodwill . com right now…

  5. mycollectionz7000 says:

    some cool toys ..i used to love tonka as a kid …even up to this day i
    love tonkas

  6. dakotatreasurehunter says:

    Nice pickups.

  7. BoiledDenim1 says:

    Those plastic cars may be slot car bodies. Could be worth a lot.

  8. Brian Cook says:

    @hartsmotorcompany — Thanks my friend! Now comes the hard part 🙁

  9. subwayjrod1 says:

    not hatin but you gotta get a better camera you get nice finds but its hard
    to see the stuff and the audio is sub par i think your channel could take
    off if you invest in a better camera

  10. mes2380 says:

    Nice finds there sir.

  11. TheResaleGrind says:

    Postcards are tough to sell. There are soooo many on eBay. Real photo are
    the only ones that sell good normally.

  12. Brian Cook says:

    @BoiledDenim1 — you know I’m not sure. They have little gray platic wheels
    on the bottom so don’t think they’re slot bodies. there are no markings
    just look like cheapy plastic….I’ll do some more research before I list.

  13. Brian Cook says:

    @JohnPurkey1 — Yeah, I hear ya! Not sure if I’m going to put a decent BIN
    price on these individually, do an auction with high starting bids, or go
    auction style with 9.99 start price. This was the first nice weekend we’ve

  14. Brian Cook says:

    @subwayjrod1 — No offense taken…..It’s just what I got right now. Plus
    there may be some operator error to blame…..my wife is the tech nerd and
    i’m the everything else nerd so I’m sure we’ll have something better sooner
    than later. TFW

  15. Brian Cook says:

    @mes2380 — Thanks friend….hopefully is a sign of good things to come.

  16. somelikeitused says:

    We had some luck with post cards from the 30’s and 40s that we sold in a
    big lot together. Sounds like you were a tough negotiator! ~T&D

  17. SuperMommy227 says:

    The tractor and “things” for it are awesome! Great scores man!! :oD

  18. Brian Cook says:

    @thevintagefetcher — Oh I know….I probably should but even if I did my
    filmography skills are sadness….and yes I knew these were good just not
    $500 dollars good.

  19. Brian Cook says:

    @dakotatreasurehunter–Thanks! I wish I could have done more garage saling
    but not very many sales for such a nice weekend.

  20. Harts Pickers AKA Harts motor company says:

    great deal on the toys

  21. Brian Cook says:

    @somelikeitused — Yeah, that’s definitely an option here. Nothing
    extremely old so I’m not sure whether I want to take all the time to list
    individually or just sell the lot. I may put the doll inthe next picker’s
    challenge! 🙂

  22. TheGatorMan Picker says:

    Nice lot. You will make some money on this lot for sure. Show the wife the
    cash, end of story.

  23. S30Uploads says:

    i’ve been doing weekly videos for rc vehicles I pick. I’m in a low income
    area, so picking is tuff!

  24. jourdanbe says:

    Excellent Score there on the toys!!

  25. abigail glennen says:

    I like nylint ford bronco

  26. sonicsteev says:

    good choice in tunes!

  27. killratoss says:

    they were stronger but still no match for a half stick!

  28. MrWolfSnack says:

    Keep it if you still have it. I’ve never seen one on eBay or Google.

  29. Hampton Ballance says:

    i have one, it is an old ambulance, but it isnt in good condition

  30. battroidattack says:

    Dude it’s michael kelso’s van!

  31. FillingtheVoidReview says:

    Toy cars were so much better when they were made of metal and not cheap

  32. EbayFigureReviews777 says:

    yes. =(

  33. pedromota00 says:

    very cool the “bus”

  34. XboxlivenoFuTure4U says:

    Great review. i loved the old metal tonkas when i was a kid. they were
    perfect scale for 3 3/4 inch GIjoe figures so those dudes were always
    rolling ten deep in a dump truck.

  35. TheShadowLeader says:

    lol lokks like the TNMT need to go tonka

  36. EbayFigureReviews777 says:

    its allways nice to have a blast from the past.

  37. saulsanch says:

    I saw Tonka van like this in the trash about a week ago, I turned my car
    around and picked it up. I plan on restoring it somehow. Thought it was a
    neat van

  38. chrisdaco22 says:

    I had one of these in ’77. Mine was rust colored had graphics depicting a
    sunset. Great toy, had it until I was about 12 , can’t remember what I did
    with it.

  39. EbayFigureReviews777 says:

    they wouldnt be able to see over the steering wheel though lol.

  40. 589powerranger says:


  41. nx2overide says:

    That is the coolist van ever!

  42. Will Foster says:

    loved the intro! CCR Rules!!! lol great van.

  43. hop21537 says:

    @grumm70 in the early 70s i as well had the winnabago camper, it was mint.
    it was as tough, i was not a wicked kid but i used it. i gave it to a toy
    drive in the late 80s, in box, with extremly rare camper kit, i bet someone
    would pull a couple hundred out of it, it was worth much more to me.

  44. ScourgeDestroya says:

    Great vid bud. It’s always fun to relive childhood memories. For the chrome
    bumper, if you have a trophy or award shop in your area (somewhere that
    makes or sells trophies, medals awards etc etc). They can give it a fresh
    coat of chrome, not sure how much it will cost you. However you will need
    to take off all the original paint, because the chrome needs a smooth and
    even surface so it will stick. Hope that helps ya!

  45. EbayFigureReviews777 says:

    hmmm,,,interesting…cool thanks for the heads up =)

  46. gameboy1206 says:

    you should make a figure roadtrip stopmotion

  47. mooman999999 says:

    @EbayFigureReviews777 I have one of those black ones and it’s in pretty
    good shape too. not sure what i’m going to do with it yet but i’m keeping
    it for now.

  48. SpiritsoftheWolf says:

    i got one too, except mine is brown!

  49. maclee47 says:


  50. Shenmue theThird says:

    Great review man cant wait for more..

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