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WOW Kinder Surprise Eggs 10 Years Old Car The Smurfs Vintage Toys Amazing

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WOW today we take a look at some Kinder Surprise Eggs 10 Years Old Car Smurfs Vintage Review The fact you cannot buy these eggs anymore and its nice to see h…

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24 Responses to “WOW Kinder Surprise Eggs 10 Years Old Car The Smurfs Vintage Toys Amazing”

  1. Kerrie mc glynn says:

    They give you the same toy as inside the box only its on the laptop and you
    can play with it

  2. Surprise Toy Collections says:

    WOW Kinder Surprise Eggs 10 Years Old Car The Smurfs Vintage Toys

  3. Surprise Toy Collections says:

    i like both but i know where your coming from :]

  4. Ing93o5 says:

    This is amazing , where did you got it?

  5. verogossipgirl says:

    I hated those wooden toys ! and I had one of those smurfs

  6. Surprise Toy Collections says:

    From a collector pritty rare but people keep random stuff got something
    special for x-mas :]

  7. verogossipgirl says:

    awh I remember those internet code !

  8. Surprise Toy Collections says:

    I kinda agree the toys back then where great :] i just came across them
    from another collector i know some people keep random things around these
    days lol Thanks for watching ;]

  9. Kat Annells says:

    Alot better toys kinda i find u do get the same got 5 of the same toy or
    maybe im just unlucky lol but got some toto eggs other day there toys are
    amazing my son loves them x

  10. Melanie Slooters says:

    I miss the older toys too. The new ones are boring.

  11. Surprise Toy Collections says:

    Them wooden toys are cool :p

  12. Xyza Retamar says:

    My barbie is 53 years old

  13. Surprise Toy Collections says:

    you have now josh hope you liked :]

  14. Surprise Toy Collections says:

    wow thats cool :]

  15. Joshua Elliott says:

    ive never seen the 10 year old kinder eggs but i was alive when they were

  16. Surprise Toy Collections says:

    yes we will for sure :]

  17. 10h41 says:

    Wow 10 years old , where did you find those ? There were 10 times better
    toys back then than now.

  18. Surprise Toy Collections says:

    Ya i know where you coming from it is very hard to collect a whole set
    these days possible but have to go thro a lot of eggs And the toto eggs are
    amazing check my other vids out if you haven’t already seen them :] How do
    u like the toto chocolate ?

  19. Surprise Toy Collections says:

    will be one or 2 next week :]

  20. Surprise Toy Collections says:

    Ya i liked the old ones 2 :]

  21. Awesome Amazing Drawing says:

    I like the toys.

  22. Christine M says:

    In 10 years you will miss the toys you get now lol.

  23. Surprise Toy Collections says:

    Thanks :]

  24. Surprise Toy Collections says:

    Ya crazy aint it we forget so quick :]

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