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tonka truck & die cast collection ,At 50 YEAR OLD.MY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES TOYS

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28 Responses to “tonka truck & die cast collection ,At 50 YEAR OLD.MY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES TOYS”

  1. rrrrmagic says:

    I don’t know where the toys are made now… In this video My toys are
    ,80,90. and early 2000……or 99.. I have other videos with 50,60,abd 70,s

  2. rrrrmagic says:


  3. hwstuntworldz says:

    het uhh i have tonkas too check out my vieos

  4. rrrrmagic says:


  5. rrrrmagic says:

    lol I’ll be 47 years old this year!!!!!! Love my toys lol……

  6. Raul martinez juarez says:

    son fabulosos

  7. rrrrmagic says:

    have fun with it thank you…..

  8. saifulizhan says:

    when it comes to toys..die cast is the real deal…

  9. wolfengheist says:

    Die cast metal. Back when toys were toys!

  10. rrrrmagic says:

    1982 with the transfer of equipment and production completed in 1983. In
    1998, steel truck manufacturing moved completely out of the United States
    to a location in mainland China.

  11. rrrrmagic says:

    thanks for comment

  12. rrrrmagic says:

    if you do will love to see!!!!!!!

  13. rrrrmagic says:

    i’m sorry I don’t know about the lead but thank you i’ll look into that…..

  14. rrrrmagic says:

    1947, Lake Minnetonka in Mound, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis, the
    Tonka Toy Group, a division of multi-billion dollar Hasbro Incorporated
    ,Tonka Toys is “Americana” Steel trucks.1955, Mound Metalcraft moved into a
    new manufacturing facility that was required to handle their ever
    increasing product line. 1956. The future really looked bright. In a major
    blow to Tonka’s Minnesota workforce, steel truck manufacturing began to
    move from Mound to El Paso, Texas

  15. rrrrmagic says:

    @bestamerica like your new video lost in space

  16. hzholden1 says:


  17. rrrrmagic says:


  18. Steven Diehl says:

    Great Collection!! Would you know where to find the Blizzard Rig from the
    Tonka Joe Adventure series?? I’ve been trying to find one for a while, but
    no such luck. Steve

  19. bestamerica says:

    is this tonka truck come with a R/C system

  20. Linda Anderson says:

    love your video..just started a vintage toy site and would like to post it
    if it is ok with you regards, Linda

  21. pianomanmaestro says:

    I have a set of all medal Tonka trucks and tracktors atleast from like 1992
    How much would they be worth?????

  22. rrrrmagic says:

    you have to check ebay from tim to time !!!!!!! have fun looking

  23. Dave Archer says:

    I had a bunch of tonka toys when I was a kid, they were made out of stele I
    wish I still had them

  24. rrrrmagic says:

    it’s fun for me and i do thank you !!!!!!!!

  25. bostonguy01 says:

    im glad that you love your trucks i wish could say the same for my old
    trucks but their all gone 🙁

  26. MGTRACEY says:

    Magic, thanks for the info – Tracey

  27. Eddie1962150 says:

    Those are not from the the 60’s. They are from the 70’s. Somewhere between
    72 and 75. Tonka trucks from the 30’s all the way up through the 60’s
    actually looked like a Ford or Chevy from that time. The ones you have are
    the less desirable ones. Collectors usually called these the “Generic”
    Tonkas because they didn’t resemble anything on the road at that time. I
    know because I collected Tonkas for many years before selling them out
    several years ago.

    If they were from the 60’s,they would be well worth over a 100 bucks each.
    These generics,they sell for 10,20 bucks each. That is if you can find
    someone who will buy them. Someone who doesn’t really know the value.

  28. Rosanna Rossi says:

    you have the wrong trailer on one of your trucks don’t you see the horses

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